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66-year-old American broke a rib while coughing



The cough caused by an infectious disease was so severe that an 66-year-old US resident broke a rib during one of the attacks, says

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This case was even described in a medical journal. The New England Journal of Medicine. It all started with a dry, painful cough that a woman suffered. But when severe pain in the side of the right was added to the cough, she had to urgently consult a doctor. A week before, the patient was diagnosed with a viral infection, but the treatment was not effective.

An examination revealed a giant purple bruise on the side of the woman. At the same time she herself could not remember serious injuries - neither falls nor blows. During computed tomography, it turned out that the patient had one of the right ribs with displacement broken.

After conducting additional tests, the woman revealed whooping cough, a disease known for coughing, which helps nothing. In addition to antibiotics, the woman had to go through a surgery - the rib was repaired and a hernia was removed that was formed as a result of a fracture.

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