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62-year-old Dolph Lundgren proposes to a 24-year-old immigrant


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Dolph Lundgren, 62, is getting married for the second time. His fiancée Emma is the same age as the actor's daughter. Gossip.

Photo: dolphlundgren / Instagram

62-year-old Hollywood actor of Swedish descent Dolph Lundgren marries a second time.

He made a proposal to 24-year-old Norwegian Emma Krokdal, who works as a fitness instructor in Los Angeles. It was probably at work that she met Dolph Lundgren, who in 62 does not stop training daily.

With a girl who is the same age as his eldest daughter, Ida, Dolph began dating in January this year.

Lovers shared news with subscribers on social networks by posting the same photos taken on the terrace of a house in Sweden.

“Pinch me,” Emma succinctly signed the picture, in which she shows a ring gifted by her beloved.

“Something special happened in Sweden,” Lundgren said in a post, confusing some of his subscribers.

The fact is that many noted the external similarity of Emma with Ida.

Photo: dolphlundgren / Instagram
Photo: emmakrokdal / Instagram

“Has your daughter got engaged?” Congratulations, Dolph, ”one subscriber wrote, later admitting that he was still joking and sincerely happy for his idol.

Ida, the daughter of an actor. Photo: idaslundgren / Instagram
Emma, ​​Lundgren's bride. Photo: emmakrokdal / Instagram

Lundgren's colleague in Hollywood action films Sylvester Stallone joined the congratulations. Together they starred in the movie "Rocky".

“Congratulations, my good friend. You are the best, ”he wrote.

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