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The 61-year-old model blew a network with a photo shoot in her underwear. A PHOTO.


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The famous Russian model conquered the network with her photo session in her underwear.


The Russian underwear network offered to star in an 61-year-old ad model for Tatiana Neklyudova from St. Petersburg. The company decided to change the policy and views on the market of buyers, rightly believing that the collection of underwear should exist for women of any age.

Tatiana tried on seductive sets of transparent fabrics, decorated with lace. Users of social networks do not hide their admiration for a photo session.

Tatyana Neklyudova worked for many years as a senior engineer in the GiproRybflot. She has two adult children and three grandchildren. And on the eve of their 60 anniversary, they approached her right on the street and invited director Alexei Uchitel to play in the film “Matilda”. The role was small, but according to the scenario, Tatyana needed to dress in a luxurious attire of the 18 century. One of the photographers who took part in the work on the picture, made several random shots from Neklyudova, who then got into the model agency of Igor Gavar Oldushka.

Oldushka is a modeling agency that successfully combats stereotypes about life after 60 years. The agency's catalog contains only older people, both women and men.
Tatiana is an active user of social networks. Her photographs are wildly popular. My daughter sometimes helps with makeup.

The secret of beauty Neklyudova is quite simple:

“I do yoga, I go to the club three times a week. The children gave me a bicycle for my birthday, I was 52 then, but I was not too lazy to master it. My son showed a little how to ride, ”Tatiana says about her rhythm of life.

As Neklyudova says, she calmly treats criticism on social networks. According to the woman, her peers look well at the fact that she participates in photo shoots at that age.

“Old age - I don't like that word. At 60, everything is just beginning, ”says Tatiana.

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