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6 things you don’t have to promise yourself in the New Year



The first of January is the magic of clean sheet and omnipotence. We give ourselves vows, we swear and solemnly promise. Not to eat after six and drink two liters of water, but two liters of everything else, on the contrary, no, no. Be sure to quit and learn, start and become new people.

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However, after a couple of weeks, the fuse passes, and the bottom line is just disappointment and anger. Edition has compiled a list of promises that it’s time to stop giving yourself for the New Year.

Lose Weight

This is a classic of the genre, endless, like a fairy tale about a white bull. We are urged to lose weight by the holidays and after the holidays, by the summer, after the holidays, in honor of the spring equinox and the waning moon.

In general, we must either die a long time from exhaustion, or admit that all this does not work. And when the “two kilo minus” / “three kilo plus” swing becomes the main occupation and the focus of emotions, nothing good comes out.

Master time management

Well, we must finally somehow put the regime in order: to wash with dew and do a couple of asanas in the morning, do not be late for work and not spend the night on it - in general, correctly allocate time.

The idea itself is good, but very utopian. If you are by nature an organized person, then this all turns out by itself. If not, then the lists, timers and rules are so depressing that they don’t want to follow them on principle.

And psychologists say: the problem is not that we plan badly for the day, but because we are in the majority of cases, we delay it to the last. So much more effective to change priorities, or at least motivation. Well, for example, go to bed on time, not because it is necessary, but to have time to get together in the morning and prepare a delicious breakfast.

Learn something new

Well, for example, Spanish. Or French. Or master salsa. Or maybe the preparation of the perfect macaroon on cooking courses? And the pottery, they say, is also relaxing.

There are so many interesting, fashionable, developing, useful around, and we are sitting here like fools and watching TV shows. Disorder! Urgently, urgently sign up for courses of something!

“Something” - these are the keywords that prevent you from turning into chefs or dancers for little money, or even just listen to psychology webinars for free. If there is no request and need, interest, the very motivation - the plans will remain plans. And it's more honest to immediately give up on them and do what is really interesting or just pleasant.

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Do not hang on social networks

Well, we all know how it happens - in the morning an hour on Instagram plus twenty-five correspondence in messengers, in the evening - reading comments on the post of a famous blogger. And it would be fine loved, so no - the one whom you hate with all my soul. And so every day.

Nothing useful in this, of course, no. But the vow does not fix the situation either, since the cause is not in the symptoms, but in the causes of the craving for virtual life. There may be several of them, the most obvious ones are dissatisfaction with real life or fatigue, when there is enough strength for coffee with chocolate and such absurd surfing. When the problem is solved, interest in social networks will weaken by itself.

Start saving and save up for something substantial.

There is such a well-known effect “latte”: its author clearly shows that by refusing to take away coffee and investing this amount correctly, in ten years we will save half a million. I wonder why all those who drink tea exclusively and at home are still not millionaires?

In general, in reality, the rejection of pleasant trifles leads to the fact that we, with a cry of “what the hell, live once!” Buy a coffee shop on credit. And many unnecessary expenses - just the result of such savings.

End toxic relationship

The idea itself is beautiful, and there can be no objection. The wording is bad - because if for some reason you need the New Year, the first number, the three peacock feathers, and to go to the Dunsinan hill of Birnam forest, the initiative is almost always doomed.

Therefore, either to break this relationship right now, or go to a specialist and figure out what they are holding. Otherwise, the same desire will head the lists next year. Unloved work and dubious friends are all concerned too.

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