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6 of shocking star confessions in an interview they regretted


Source: SNC Media

Who doesn't like to read interviews with their favorite artists and find out the interesting details of their life? Moreover, sometimes the stars are so keen on talking with journalists that their sincerity goes beyond all boundaries. Of course, we are at hand, because we learn about idols such things, from which the hair stand on end.

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If you still do not know all the savory facts from the biographies of the stars, here are a few copies of you who considered the interview for confession, writes SNC Media.

Robert Pattinson admitted that he does not like to wash his hair

Handsome and idol of all 14-year-old girls (although, most likely, after this article, fans will diminish from him) Robert Pattinson in general said that he hates washing his hair. “I see no reason to wash my hair. This is how to clean the apartment - what's the point? I need an apartment to sleep in it. I need hair so that they, well, hang on my head. What is the difference whether they are clean or not? ” But, we hope that the actor does not forget about at least brushing your teeth.

Miley Cyrus admitted that she was delighted with drugs.

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Miley Cyrus does not hide his love for narcotic substances and even openly admitted this in one of his interviews. “Hollywood is a cocaine city, but the grass is much better. And Ecstasy is a happy social drug. You take them with friends, in the open, and not secretly in the outhouse. ”

And, judging by the confessions of the singer, she tried more than one type of drug. "It seems to me that alcohol is much more dangerous - many may get angry because I say this, but I don't care." Miley, the main thing is that your interviews do not catch the eye of the police, otherwise you will have to record songs in places of special regime.


Halle Berry admitted that she was excited by pasta

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Someone in bed wants strawberries with cream, but pasta is a spicy predilection for Halle Berry. It sounds, of course, strange, but the actress really starts this dish.

“It is important to know what excites you. For example, it excites me to eat spaghetti right from male hands. Just like wine, drunk right before love: it relaxes. ”

Adam Levine admitted that he is a sissy

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Adam Levin, who loves pootkrennichat journalists, once said that he is still a sissy. It's hard to believe, looking at the tattooed guy from Maroon 5. “Yes, I'm a sissy, but this is good!” Adam admits. Apparently, the singer likes to cry in his mother's vest and eat home-made cheesecakes. We will not blame him for this, because we are all those kids in our hearts.

Kesha admitted that she made love with a ghost

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The singer Kesh in general in one of the interviews decided to shock her fans and said that she had an intimate connection with a ghost. "I do not know his name, he was a ghost, but I have this gift." It sounds scary, especially for the former guys of the singer. After all, it is possible that she cheated on them with ghosts.

Tom Hardy admitted that he likes not only women

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To believe that Tom Hardy, who is constantly surrounded by a flock of beauties, draws attention to men - it is almost impossible (we now refuse to believe in it). But the actor himself shared in an interview with this part of his life: “At one time I was flirting with everything that moves. I loved to feel the body, whether it is male or female, but now, when I’m using 30, I had to complete these experiments. I can only assure you that a relationship with a man has a lot to offer ... ” Here and fall on the handsome men from the screen after such revelations.

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