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6 secrets to help you look stylish in winter



Every year winter sets us a difficult task - to look both stylish and warm at the same time. Project I decided to help you with her decision and found 6 fashion lifehacks that will change your winter style!

Cool coat
Give up boring and faceless options - a really cool and stylish winter coat will make your look cool. Therefore, do not spare the time and effort to find the very coat - when you find it, you will say thank you to yourself more than once!

Correct layering
Layering is different - you can look like cabbage, chaotically putting everything on you, and you can create a complex and unusual image that will attract views to you.

Stylish and warm accessories
This style is in the details - winter accessories should not be bought at random on sale, creating a “vinaigrette” from a black hat, colorful gloves and a scarf into a pea.

Correct tights
Tights - not a utilitarian thing, as you could think up to this point. They can easily both “pull out” the image and mercilessly spoil it.

Beautiful knitwear
Knitwear is not a stretched pullover, which you have bought for the nth number of years at a sale in a nearby shopping center. Knitwear can and should be beautiful and stylish. Be sure to pay attention to a variety of warm knitted dresses and suits.

Forget about bare legs!
Bare feet in the winter have long been a sign of bad taste, so forget to think about the combination of rolled up jeans and sneakers, between which a strip of bare skin sticking out of the cold is sticking out!

And what life hacking will you use?

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