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Six daily habits that turn off your immune system


Source: "Science Is" on Yandex.Zen

ARVI, influenza, coronavirus viruses are pathogenic agents that a healthy human immune system can effectively cope with. In young people, the immune defense reaches the peak of its development, therefore, according to experts, it tolerates the disease more easily, and often asymptomatically, the author of the channel writes. "Science Is" on Yandex.Zen.

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Some habits can suppress our immunity at any age and make the body completely defenseless against viruses. It is better to give up habits that only weaken your immune system. Next, we will talk about the main ones.

Eating unhealthy foods

If you are used to eating convenience foods, snacks, fast food, breakfast cereals and sausages, your body is lacking the nutrients found in vegetables, fruits, grains, dairy products, meat, and fish. Lack of vitamins and minerals negatively affects the functioning of the body in general and the immune system in particular.

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Ignoring cold feet

Keeping your feet warm is a very healthy habit. In this case, the circulatory system works properly. As the legs cool, their blood vessels contract, and our body tries to compensate by directing more blood to the colder limbs.

This worsens the blood supply to the upper body, in particular the mucous membranes of the nose, mouth, throat. This leads to a decrease in their barrier function and allows viruses to easily enter the body.

Sleep disturbance

A full night's rest is a guarantee of strong immunity. It is in a dream that our immune system, which worked at its maximum capacity during the day, “reboots” and restores strength. She needs at least 8 hours to fully recover, so getting enough sleep during the outbreak of infectious diseases is very important.

Passion for smoking

Smoking immobilizes the cilia of the epithelium of the respiratory tract, which is why they can no longer effectively cleanse the bronchi from "debris". In a non-smoker, pathogens will be blocked by the immune system in the upper respiratory tract and excreted with mucus. In a smoker, they are more likely to penetrate the lungs, which contributes to the severe course of the disease and its complications.

Experiences with and without

If you are stressed only by the fact that everyone around you is afraid of the coronavirus, calm down immediately. The body in a state of stress works in a completely different way than it normally does. Nervousness literally blocks the killer cells that destroy pathogens and lowers the level of active immune cells in the blood. Calmness is the key to health.

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Alcohol abuse

The habit of ending the day with a glass of wine or a couple of shots of strong alcohol will also have to be abandoned. Alcoholic drinks suppress the activity of immune cells in the blood, thereby “unleashing” hand diseases.

Instead of alcohol, use healthy drinks: regular and herbal tea, berry fruit drinks. And the more liquid you start to consume, the more actively your mucous membranes will work. This means that viruses will not be able to overcome the immune barrier of your body.

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