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6 consequences of using gel polish, which the manicure master will not talk about

08.10.2021, 15: 45 EST

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Gel polish is an expensive service. It especially hits the budget if visits to the manicure cabinet are regular. It is not surprising that we want to walk with the coating for as long as possible - at least 3 weeks, and preferably all 4. tell the story of makeup artist Elena. In her blog, she shared the sad experience of wearing gel polish for a long time. It turned out that walking with such a coating for longer than 3 weeks is not a good idea.

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1. After the 2nd week, the coating looks messy, but this is not the worst

Already at the 3rd week, the nails grow so much that a decent distance is formed between the gel and the cuticle. Usually it does not look very neat and makes the girls hide their hands in their pockets until the next manicure.

Also, specialists in manicure identify the stress zone of the nail - the place where it breaks most often. Basically, it is located near the cuticle, but with the growth of nails it is shifted towards the edge. As a result, the risk of breaking a nail along with gel polish is increased, especially if a woman often cooks or does housework without gloves.

2. The next manicure can be painful

After application, the gel polish continues to harden, and already at the 3rd week it becomes more difficult to remove it than at the 1st. Then the master has to use more remover or press the cutter harder to remove the coating.

The removal procedure itself is quite harmful for the nails - the liquid dries the nail plate, and the cutter, especially in the hands of an inexperienced master, can physically disrupt its structure. When more fluid is applied, a strong burning sensation may be felt due to acetone or its substitutes. And manipulations with the apparatus for manicure can be painful at all.

3. Nails become thin and brittle

Long contact with the chemicals in the base, color and topcoat will thin the nails. They become brittle, brittle and begin to chip more often. In addition, stratification of the nails may begin, and white spots will appear on the plate itself.

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4. A fungus may appear

If you do not part with the gel coating for 3 weeks, then the likelihood of detachments and air pockets at the base of the nail is high. Over time, water gets into them, which creates a favorable environment for the propagation of the fungus. This is how an infection develops, which will take weeks or even months to fight.

5. There is a risk of nail exfoliation

Onycholysis is a condition where the nail plate partially or completely exfoliates from the soft tissues of the finger. The aforementioned fungus can lead to the disease, as well as permanent injuries and allergic reactions. Including the components of gel polish.

Treatment of onycholysis is usually long. Depending on the cause of the disease, it may include antifungal drugs, compresses, ointments, a special diet, and vitamin therapy.

6. Gel polish is no longer in fashion

Bright flashy design, long nails, sparkles, rhinestones and painting on nails are slowly becoming a thing of the past. Adherents of gel polish are inclined to natural pink and beige colors, and trend-setting professionals even offer to abandon the coating.

So, Jocelyn Petroni, nail master of the Chanel fashion house, suggested switching to “clean manicure”. It involves the rejection of gel polish and an emphasis on a healthy, neat and natural look of nails.

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Bonus: what to do if your nails are damaged with gel polish

Blogger and makeup artist Elena shared the sad experience of wearing gel polish for a long time. After removing it, the girl began to detach the nails, and the plate itself was dried to the base.

“After removal, the nails looked extremely sad, but I realized that I just needed to take this and do the treatment. Naturally, there was no talk of any coverage, only restoration.

Long wearing the gel, alignment with the base, a burn from the lamp - all this just killed my nails. It was necessary to clean them all.

The treatment was prescribed as simple as possible: monitor the length and use serum with collagen. At work, I began to wear gloves so as not to embarrass clients.

Now I am in perfect harmony with myself and my nails, I like my clean nail plate. It took me 2 months to fully recover, and I believe that I was still very lucky. "

How do you feel about gel polish for nails?

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