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6 mistakes we make after shopping in US grocery stores


Source: Time

When you unpack groceries brought from the store, what matters is how you store your purchases - their freshness, shelf life, taste will depend on the right choice.

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Some products affect the safety of others, so you should not just put spinach and berries in one compartment of the refrigerator, said Time... Approach the question wisely - and you can enjoy the aroma, taste and quality of your favorite food for longer. Here are a few common mistakes most of us make when trying to store vegetables and fruits wisely after the supermarket.

Do not wrap the greens in a napkin

If you used greens, and it became wet, a paper towel will help keep freshness and prevent fading. Simply put the greens wrapped in a napkin in the food container and it will absorb excess moisture. In this form, you can store it in the refrigerator. Use this life hacking every time after washing greens or preparing a meal, after which the greens remain.

Throw out the bones of avocado

Of course, you can also eat a whole avocado - they are very tasty, but most often housewives use half, and the other is kept in the refrigerator. To prevent the half of the fruit from oxidizing, not darkening and retaining freshness for a while, leave a bone in it and put the rest of the fruit in a container. You can also squeeze some lemon or lime juice over the remainder so the fruit doesn't turn brown.

Wash berries before storage.

If you plan to eat fresh berries right after your trip to the supermarket, it makes sense to wash them as soon as possible. But if you are not going to consume the entire serving or do not want to eat them at all today, do not wash or put in the refrigerator right away. Wet berries will spoil faster, so in any case, make sure that they are not wet - you can put them on a paper towel and put them in the refrigerator only after drying.

Hide fresh fruits and vegetables away

If your carrot sticks and apples are somewhere closer to the back of the fridge, with bottles of milk and a pan of spaghetti, you most likely will not eat them. This is a common mistake, because of which you not only receive less nutrients, but also spoil the products. Opening the refrigerator, you rather remember what you see immediately in front of you. Put in the zone of visual access to fresh fruit, herbs, and food that quickly deteriorates.

Do not store onions and garlic separately from other foods.

You do not want to put garlic and onions in a box with other vegetables and fruits, you must store them in separate containers so that these products do not affect others. Onions and garlic produce harmless fumes that can speed up the deterioration process of other products and change their taste.

Store apples incorrectly

Apples are more complex than you might think. If you store them in the refrigerator, you must put the fruits in a transparent drawer so that they do not touch each other (otherwise they will spoil faster). If you plan to eat them within a week, this is unlikely to happen, but if you intend to store longer, wrap each apple in paper towels. Also, they should not be stored next to food that gives off gas (onions, garlic), with potatoes, which can change the taste of apples. Chopped apples can be drizzled with lemon juice to keep them fresh for a long time and not brown.


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