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6 cooking habits that are dangerous to health and life 


Source: RIA FAN

Named six culinary habits that can be dangerous to health. At the same time, experts debunked the myth that one should not put a pot of hot soup in the fridge or that raw meat should be washed.

He writes about what in no case should be done in the kitchen RIA FAN.

First of all, experts are asked in no case. do not taste cooked food due to the fact that it may contain various dangerous bacteria. Those who like to try raw dough should remember that there are eggs in its composition, and this increases the risk to catch salmonella or E. coli.

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Second, the do not try products that have expired. Reproduction of pathogenic microbes, for example, in sausage, has not been canceled.

Very bad have only one chopping board due to the possibility of cross contamination of products.

Fourth, as the newspaper notes, nothing good bears and habit to wash raw meat under tap water. It is impossible to kill microbes in this way, but after the procedure they only increase on the sink and in the kitchen.

The fifth culinary delusion was habit not to put freshly cooked hot food in the fridge. It turned out that this is wrong, and you need to do exactly the opposite. The thing is that within two hours after cooking, the bacteria in the food are in “thermal” shock, and the process of their reproduction is slowed down.

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And finally, if you are marinating meat, then cooked food must also be refrigerated. This will slow down the reproduction of harmful microorganisms. In addition, experts are asked not to use marinade with finished products. Better ruthlessly pour out.

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