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6 interesting facts about the New York Thanksgiving Day parade


Source: CNN

This wonderful tradition is relevant not only for New York, but also for the whole country that watches the traditional procession on TV - Americans will soon be able to watch the parade on Thanksgiving 2017, writes CNN.

This year's parade will begin on 9 am EST, the route of the participants will be 2,5 miles (a little over 4 kilometers). Traditionally, the parade is organized by the network. Macy's, the company that invented it back in the distant 1924 year.


Six fun historical facts about the parade.

1. It was originally a Christmas parade.
In 1924, employees Macy's organized a Christmas parade featuring real animals from the zoo and about 10 thousands of spectators. The parade began on New York's 145. Santa Claus appeared at the end, and shop windows decorated for Christmas were opened. Just three years later, the procession was renamed the Thanksgiving Day Parade.

2. Balloons did not appear immediately
Macy's is the world's second largest consumer of helium. During the Thanksgiving parade this year, around 30 helium balloons will be inflated. Balloons replaced live animals in 1927 year. Even then, they were very large — for example, a dinosaur rising 60 feet. Famous characters became part of the parade at the same time - first Felix the Cat, and in 1934, Mickey Mouse. In 1968, the unchanged Snoopy appeared.

3. For the first time the parade was broadcast on radio.
Listeners had to use their imagination - in 1932, the first radio transmissions of the parade took place. Television first showed a march in 1946, in New York, and a year later - in all the United States.

4. You can watch how balls are inflated
On such a small island like Manhattan, it is not so easy to hide the inflating of huge balloons. They are filled with helium in the intermediate zone between the western part of Central Park and 77-th Street, not far from the American Museum of Natural History.


5. The route has changed over the years
For many years, the procession moved along Broadway, but in 2009, it was changed to Seventh Avenue. At 2011, participants walked along Sixth Avenue, which not everyone liked. In 2017, the parade will begin on 77 Street and in West Central Park and will move to Sixth Avenue. From there, the procession will go down to 34-th street, where it will end in the company's flagship store.

6. The parade was not always successful
In 1957, the hat of the balloon that depicted the sailor Popay was poured, poured on the audience. This was repeated in 1962 with a Donald Duck hat. Superman once lost his hand, leaving it on a tree branch. In 1997, the hurricane wind ruined the whole show and caused serious injuries - one of the balls knocked down a pole and injured four people; one woman was in a coma for a month. Another woman and her daughter nearly strangled a balloon in the shape of a Pink Panther.

Let's hope that this year the holiday will be fun and safe. It remains to wait quite a bit!

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