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5 funny English idioms about the body



Today we continue the big topic of health and medicine, but for now I present to your attention popular expressions relating to the body:

Muffin top - “top muffin”
Folds of fat in the waist, protruding from too narrow skirts and trousers like a lush, bulging out of the shape of the top muffin. Particularly characteristic for lovers of jeans with low rise, which not only do not hide, and even emphasize the extra kege.

Bat wings - “bat wings”.
Flabby hanging muscles of the forearm (as a rule, in the elderly), which sway with vigorous movements of the arms, resembling bat wings to some idle jokers. Often in women's magazines it is fashionable to see 100500 ways to remove them.

Mobs (man boobs) - "male breasts."
The combination of the words man ("male (th)") and boobs (f. "Female breast"). This "part of the body" appears with overweight in men. This word I learned from Sapa.

Love handles - "sides."
We are talking about body fat in the pelvic region in the back (slightly higher than saddle bags). Word love everyone knows the word handles means "handles, handles"; think out the translation yourself.

Chubby cheeks - plump cheeks.
Chubby means "full, plump, well-fed." Chubby cheeks, especially in children, can be very cute, is not it? I have not heard that the word used in a negative context.

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