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Five Impressive Stories of How Gadgets Saved Their Owners' Lives



Modern man is surrounded by gadgets. It seems that the future has already arrived: the house is cleaned by a robot vacuum cleaner, the kettle and washing machine can be controlled from the phone, and the phone itself has long become a device without which work and many daily processes are unthinkable, writes

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Smart device developers are constantly improving gadgets by providing them with new features. Stories in which such devices were not only convenient, but also had a beneficial effect on health or even helped save lives, are becoming more common.

Smart watch noticed a rapid heart rate

On Easter morning 2018, Hong Kong resident Gaston D'Aquino went to the nearest hospital. He went there right from the morning service, during which his Apple Watch began to behave unusually, registering a very high pulse.

The 76-year-old man felt normal and did not experience the slightest discomfort. However, seeing the increased pulse values, he nevertheless decided to go to the hospital - the man was sure that this behavior of the watch was really connected with his own malaise.

D'Achino was referred to a cardiologist, who urgently ordered examinations and tests. It soon became clear that the smart watch really saved the life of its owner - the man had three coronary arteries, two of which were completely blocked by atheroxlerotic plaques, and the third - by 90%. The life-threatening condition surprisingly did not manifest itself, and only a smart watch helped to notice an increased heart rate. The man underwent angioplasty and soon went home.

Later, D'Aquino changed his lifestyle in order to reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases: he began to eat less fat and went in for sports to become more fit.

The man urges everyone to use such devices and emphasizes that he survived only due to the fact that the smart watch recorded changes in the pulse and persistently signaled this. He believes that these types of devices are really important for monitoring critical health indicators. By the way, the measurement accuracy of wrist-worn devices was studied by scientists from Stanford, who published their findings in the Journal of Personalized Medicine. 60 volunteers tested 7 popular devices: the authors of the study came to the conclusion that smart watches in most cases show the pulse correctly, but the calorie consumption is calculated inaccurately.

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Smart speaker called the police to prevent domestic violence

In July 2017, American Eduardo Barros threatened his girlfriend with a gun. He swore loudly, and then asked the girl: “Have you called the police yet?”

The smart speaker reacted to these words of Barros: she took them as a request and immediately called 911. The dispatcher who answered the call heard that something was wrong in the house and immediately sent a police squad. The police officers who arrived to help arrested the aggressor and saved his girlfriend and her little daughter from danger.

The local sheriff is confident that new technologies have helped save the lives of a woman and a girl. He called everything that happened amazing.

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The drowning young man asked the voice assistant to call the rescue service

In November 2019, 18-year-old Gael Salcedo from Iowa, driving his car, flew onto the ice. The car began to sink, and the young man could not get out of it.

There was not a soul around, and he could not call for help. He couldn't get his phone to call the police - he just couldn't find the phone. Then Gael turned to the voice assistant, asking him to call Siri for help.

By the time the rescuers arrived, fortunately, the car had not yet sunk into the ice hole. Salcedo did not feel well: he did not feel his legs, and his hands were gradually freezing. The rescuers did not manage to open the driver's door right away, but nevertheless they quickly managed to extract the young man. He was taken to the hospital, where no serious injuries were found - and since the young man's life was out of danger, he was soon released home.

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The smoke detectors detected a fire started by the dog and informed the owner

A Virginia couple equipped their home with smart smoke detectors and other devices they needed to make their home more comfortable and safer.

One day, the owner received messages from a smart speaker Google Nest that a fire had started in his house. The column sent these messages after signals received from indoor smoke detectors.

The owner hastily called the fire brigade, who arrived at the scene of the fire and put out the fire. The owner's dog was in the house - later it turned out that it was she who caused the fire. The animal jumped up and accidentally turned on the gas stove - the fire spread to a nearby wooden stand for knives, and then to other objects.

Firefighters and owners are sure that they managed to save the house and the life of the dog only thanks to smoke detectors and a smart column that sent information about the fire in a timely manner.

The watch found a fall from a cliff and called for help

In October 2019, two young people went camping in Harstorn Woods Park, New Jersey. They got lost in the forest, and then, having stumbled, fell from a steep cliff into the river. James Prudenciano, 28, landed on a rock and broke his back in three places. His girlfriend Paige Paruso was not injured.

In Prudenciano's watch, the “fall detection” function worked: having recorded a hard fall, as well as the fact that the man had been motionless for more than a minute, the watch called the rescue service. In addition, James's mother, whose details were listed as an emergency contact, received a message giving Prudenciano's coordinates and also saying that he had fallen.

Rescuers arrived on time: they took the young man to the nearest hospital, where he received the necessary treatment. Both he and the doctors are sure that this story ended safely only thanks to the use of smart watches by Prudenciano.

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