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Five outward signs that will give you a klush


Source: Lisa

Cluster girls have style too. How to recognize it and in no case repeat it? Let's figure it out together!

Photo: Shutterstock

1. Untrained body

It may be thin or stout, but never - trained, writes Lisa. And it's not even about perfectly pumped up buttocks and traced "deltas". The fluffy girl is betrayed by friability of the body and flabbiness of the skin.

2. Patterned Tattoos

Tattoos are a great way to express yourself. But in her case, imitations. Her drawings do not have the author's design, but rather tracing paper from photos on the Internet and celebrity sketches. On her shoulder, lower back or wrist, you can easily find a “bird”, the phrase “like Angelina Jolie” or hieroglyphs, the meaning of which she cannot explain.

3. Outfits

She really loves to dress up. In one image combines all the best. Or what she considers "the best". And sometimes her opinion does not coincide with either current trends or common sense.

4. Follows trends from her youth

The young lady-klusha is afraid to make fashionable experiments. She would rather wear a blouse under a skirt than a T-shirt under a slip dress. Sneakers under the dress? Of course not! But she even wears stilettos to the supermarket, because she knows from childhood that her legs look longer in them.

5. Lack of individuality

Scrolling through a dozen pages on Instagram, she clearly determined for herself that a beautiful woman should have plump lips, hair, nails, eyelashes, permanent eyebrows. Behind the desire to imitate the “divas of social networks” she simply forgot how important it is to be yourself.

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