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5 things you can not do with a living tree


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If you have installed a real tree for the holidays, follow our tips so that the coniferous plant will please you until the end of the holidays, writes Womanhit.

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Many do not think of celebrating the New Year without a living spruce, which will flavor the apartment for the rest of the holidays. Let’s show you how to handle the “forest beauty” in order not to collect showered needles on New Year’s Eve.

Do not leave the tree without moisture.

Despite the assurances of some sellers that the cut spruce does not need moisture, the tree must be supplied with the necessary liquid. So, for example, a two meter tall spruce tree needs two liters of water per day. Alternatively, you can put it in a bucket of well-moistened sand or wrap it with a damp cloth and maintain the required level of moisture. In order not to complicate your life, purchase a wood stand with a water tank in advance.

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Do not use home remedies

As soon as you get a tree, friends and relatives begin to bombard you with tips on how to keep the spruce longer. Someone will recommend gelatin or citric acid, which will miraculously support life in the tree. However, there is no real evidence for this theory. Take no chances and purchase special fertilizers in the store.


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Do not put spruce near the battery.

Excessive heat will dehydrate the tree, no matter how well you water it. A fireplace, a battery and all kinds of heaters are the worst enemies of a living spruce. It is best to place the tree in the center of the room or find the angle at which the tree will not suffer from temperature differences.

Do not clean the needles with a vacuum cleaner.

Yes, with a vacuum cleaner it is much easier to collect all the small needles that a live spruce inevitably leaves behind, but you will only ruin the equipment. The modern robot vacuum cleaner, which is simply not designed for this kind of work, is especially at risk. Use simple broom and dustpan.

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Do not throw spruce in the trash can

Over the past few years, more and more people have learned that you can not throw the spruce into the nearest tank, instead take it to where it is very useful, for example, to the zoo - spruce paws will serve as insulation for animal enclosures, and the tree trunk can be used as filler for the same enclosures. However, first clean the tree from traces of Christmas tree decorations.

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