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5 things that make a woman ugly


Source: Yandex Zen

Each woman has an individual body structure, there are no minuses and advantages, there are features, and it is good when the clothes are selected taking into account these features.

But sometimes we choose outfits that disfigure the figure, highlight the flaws, make up or shorten the legs. A list of such unsuccessful things collected edition “Yandex Zen".

1. Skirt that shortens the legs

The pencil is a very beautiful and sophisticated skirt: but it is important to choose the right length. If nature has endowed you with lush buttocks and short stature, then midi-length pencil skirts should be avoided. This model greatly shortens the legs. Choose a length that is no lower than the knee and a high-waisted model. Although now many women of fashion do not favor shoes with heels, in this case, graceful pumps with stilettos will make the image correct.

2. Low waist jeans

Many people love a low waist, but often it creates the wrong proportion of the body - it lengthens the torso and shortens the legs. Opt for high-waisted jeans that fit well on the buttocks, making them seductive. Sit down a few times before buying jeans, make sure they fit snugly around your waist and do not slip. It's terrible when jeans slide down while walking.

3. Pants 3 / 4

Capri pants, culottes and any 3/4 length trousers have always been a problem for all girls with short legs. Like a pencil skirt, 3/4 pants visually “cut” the legs. Wear classic pants or trendy, extra-long palazzo pants that make your legs endlessly long.

4. High neck sweater

The neck is always synonymous with female sexuality, and it's a shame when it is hidden under a faceless turtleneck. Especially if you are the owner of a magnificent bust and short legs, it is better not to wear a tight turtleneck sweater and a high neck. Choose a beautiful neckline, a V-neck and a sweater on one shoulder to emphasize the shoulders.

5. Shoes with ankle strap

As you understand, horizontal lines need to be replaced with vertical ones. The strap disfigures the ankle and makes the legs even shorter and heavier. Avoid such shoes.

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