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5 important advantages of motherhood after 35 years



Despite all the difficulties of mature motherhood, the decision to give birth to a first-born in 35 + has its own advantages, which the portal talks about

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Willingness to be a mother

Traveling, parties, work - all this after 30 is still important and necessary, but not at all like in 25. The future mother has already managed to walk up, and work out, and travel - it's time for a completely new experience. Of course, at any age, a woman will be a little sorry for her free and understated life, but the older the person, the more clearly he sets priorities and better understands what is important and what is not.

Such a woman as a vessel filled to the brim: she has something to share, and there is something to invest in a child. She already understands how she will educate him and what to teach. And she is unlikely to want to shove the baby to her parents and visit him only on weekends.

At this age, the watch is ticking especially loudly, and the woman more and more wants to become a mother. And she wants to, and society in the person of parents, neighbors, friends constantly raises this issue. A woman is not only physically long ripe for motherhood, but also ready for it psychologically and emotionally.

An adult mother understands perfectly well that there will be sleepless nights, whims of children, that life will change forever and that it will be difficult. And that it just needs to be experienced.

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Responsible Pregnancy

Comments obstetrician-gynecologist Ekaterina Antonova:

From the point of view of medicine, the age from 21 to 28 years is considered optimal for pregnancy and childbirth. But recently, the tendency of motherhood at the age of 35 + has been growing. Surely many have heard that late pregnancy is associated with a higher risk of possible pathologies in the child or mother.

Older women are more responsible for their condition, they are preparing and planning a pregnancy. Such future mothers are attentive to the appointments of doctors, they take the necessary drugs, pass the tests on time and undergo the necessary examinations - all this, of course, reduces the risk of complications. Adult mothers are also responsible for the health and development of an already born baby.

Some studies suggest that 35 + women are less prone to postpartum depression than young girls. Another plus can be called a relatively low percentage of surgical intervention compared with young primiparas - this is due to a more calm and conscious behavior in childbirth.

Strong material base

Financial autonomy is a key plus of late motherhood; many believe that it is even the only one. By 30, a person, as a rule, not only does not depend on his parents, but may well already help them. Often the housing issue has already been resolved or is approaching a solution. That is, you have where to live, there is something to eat and what to wear, and in general it is clear where to get the money for the next few years. This is the foundation on the basis of which it is not scary to build a new life with a child.

Children are not only not free, but also quite expensive. Developing toys and books, comfortable clothes and shoes, activities and entertainment cost a lot. And the older the child becomes, the more money he needs.
If the most important thing for a baby is just to be dry, warm and mother is nearby, then an older child - in addition to domestic comfort - needs a good education, interesting leisure and much more. A professionally held mother is much easier to provide all this for him.

You will not be a black sheep

Late motherhood can be treated differently, but it is difficult to deny that these are modern trends, especially in large cities. And if a woman gives birth early, then she is practically guaranteed social loneliness: all her friends will be busy studying, hanging out and traveling. They will have a cheerful, carefree student in their head and in life, and a young mother will only care about the child. Such different interests do not bring people together, even if before they had a lot in common.

After 30, many young women either already have babies, or serious plans are made for them - you will be on the same wavelength with your friends anyway. You will have new topics for discussion and reasons for friendship. In general, becoming a mother at this age, you certainly will not feel like a black sheep.

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Global reboot

By the 35 years, a steady feeling often arises that all the joys of life are not just over, but somehow faded. Life got on the usual tracks and rolled somewhere towards retirement. Home is work, home is work, meeting friends, vacation, New Year and - again, all over again.

A decree is a rather radical, but at the same time effective, opportunity to do a complete reboot, to see your true desires and needs, to take a fresh look at work, at family, and at yourself. It often happens that it is on the decree that women begin to do what they really like, rediscover their calling or style.

Children open a second wind to us: they help to break out of the routine, and even if it is a replacement of one routine for another, such a shake is often absolutely necessary. Expectant mother is waiting for new lively emotions, new impressions, a new environment, but in fact - a completely new life.

“It is healthy to raise a child in a state of maturity”: personal experience

  • Ella, became a mother for the first time in 37 years

After three months of sleepless nights, almost crashing my head into the door jamb from fatigue and loss of orientation, I could not help but rejoice that I was a psychologically adult mother. The constantly screaming child drove him crazy, he wanted to sleep all day, but his intuition suggested that everything would pass, that it would not be for long. I recalled myself ten years ago - a strong, young girl who had just begun to make a career - then I most likely would not have endured this load and constant inclusion. I would cry or scream.

As an adult, I did not scream or cry - I just did what I had to do.

I have a long-awaited child, and on maternity decree I never had the thought that I was missing something. There were a lot of different projects before pregnancy, I already knew what was strong and what was not. I did not want to work at all, I wanted to completely immerse ourselves in a new life and watch how quickly it develops.

It seems to me that somewhere in the 30 region there is a real separation of a person from his parents, from their rules and norms of behavior, awareness of himself as a separate person who has his own life and desires. This is such a true adulthood. And it’s very cool to raise a child from this state of inner maturity and autonomy.

Awareness is very important for me: I always analyze how our relationships can affect his future. In youth, you think of such things, of course, less often.

With all the financial advantages of late motherhood, for me personally, there is one significant minus: this is health, which was spent on work and a mortgage, when it would be possible to give birth to a couple more children, but it did not work out.

And last, and most important, I chose the best father for my child. I searched for half my life and found it.

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