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5 important emotions that cannot be contained


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Every day, in everyday life, we experience feelings and emotions. We are not ashamed to flaunt some of them, but we restrain others, thereby aggravating our psychological state. He writes about it Medinfo.

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We divide most of the emotions into “good” and “bad”, and the main criterion is what we ourselves experience, whether we like or dislike certain thoughts and emotions.

"Good" feelings contribute to life and creative adaptation, and the "bad" will destroy and interfere with adapting to the outside world.

Psychologists distinguish five basic good feelings that provoke a person to act:

1. Love
2. Fear
3. Anger
4. Envy
5. Sadness

Practically all these five senses are easily expressed, have an intensity from nature, provide important vital functions and are rather calmly perceived by the human psyche - they come easily and pass quickly if they are experienced and expressed.

But the situation changes dramatically if there is a ban on experiencing or expressing any of these five senses. When banned, the feeling loses its adaptive function and from the amplitude “plus” can turn into a “minus”.

If the “good” feelings are intense, but they can pass quickly, then the “bad” ones can be longer, even for a lifetime, which creates a lot of psychological problems.

“Good” feelings are directed at the outside world, but with “bad” situations the situation is more critical — they are directed at internal reality and thereby distort it.

Now about each feeling and each transformation in more detail:

1. Love.
Love is the main human feeling that stimulates life and turns a simple existence into a colorful living.

The prohibition of love can touch anything. For example, the prohibition to love another person. Or a ban to love parents or children.

Ban love work or pets. The ban loves itself. Many of these prohibitions are pulled after us from childhood, when we were told that it makes no sense to love someone or someone - in one case.

In the second, a person forbids himself to love, in the case when he is powerless to realize his love for the object of love.

From such prohibitions arises greed, that is, the thirst for possession. And begins to skew.

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"Another person should love only me, and only see me."
"The child should be like me, and I know how he will be better."
"The work of the beloved does not happen at all, because how can you love to do this at all?"
Scandals out of the blue with former lovers due to the fact that they allowed themselves to love another person. The desire to send a child to a prestigious mathematical school with a mathematical bias or a peremptory decision that higher education is only medical. It is this approach that is greed, the desire to possess, appropriate and control.

2. Fear.
Fear can be a pleasant ticklish feeling. This is understood by those who like to watch thrillers, horror films, crime chronicles and disaster films. This also applies to extreme people who are not averse to jumping with a parachute or into a mountain waterfall.

Fear provides survival and love also. One of the signals before a relationship is fear of getting closer or meeting. If not, you can skip the beginning of the relationship. Instead of getting closer gradually, recognizing the person - go straight to bed. And no love.

The same children's installations work with fear. You can not be afraid of doctors, you can not be afraid of exams, you can not be afraid of the first independent travel. The ban on fear leads to anxiety.

That is, the very feeling of fear in the existing situation is normal, it burns out and leaves. But the feeling of anxiety can settle down for many years and turn into a chronic anticipation of a terrible situation.

3. Anger.
Anger is a normal reaction to trespassing. The main function of anger - the restoration of these very borders. As soon as the lost positions are returned to the place, the anger goes away, almost without a trace. If in certain situations anger does not arise, then such a person will be pushed around.

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With the prohibition of anger - sooner or later there is anger and a desire for revenge.
It is important to distinguish between anger and malice. If you are stepped on, and you are outraged, emotionally and sharply, this is anger. If you wait patiently for a leg to be removed and accumulate in yourself these emotions - this is anger.

4. Envy.
The main function of envy is to provide development. If a person is jealous, then he begins to strive for the object of envy, for the achievements with which he is jealous, he is ready to grow, work and achieve something.

From childhood we are inspired that envy is a bad feeling, a shame. It can not be recognized. But the other side of the coin is pathological envy and jealousy. This is when a person does not want to achieve what the other has, but wants to take someone else away.

5. Sadness
Sadness provides humility. Sadness is helpful. Sadness allows you to survive a loss, rethink your life, re-evaluate values ​​and understand what is happening.

Sadness stimulates development, because in order to move on you need to let go of the former, people who were near, parents, relationships. Living and letting go of losses, we can move on.

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But sadness also prohibits us from childhood, and in place of untested emotions come anguish, blues and depression. A vivid example is alcoholics. They should not be treated for alcoholism, but for the ban on sadness.

Tosca has no specific reasons or a particular person, but sadness does. Let yourself be sad.

Joy and pleasure determine the direction of feeling and arise as a result of living the above five pure feelings.

When we receive love, fear, anger, envy or sadness, people experience pleasure, while giving it back is joy. And together all these feelings, their expression, living and acceptance - make up happiness.

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