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5 options for delicious breakfasts that help you lose weight



In pursuit of harmony, some prefer to skip the morning meal altogether. Nutritionists advise not to. It is proved that those who neglect breakfast, more difficult to part with extra pounds.

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Healthy breakfast for everyone. Someone does not think of the morning without scrambled eggs, someone chooses yogurt, but for someone this is porridge - our food. But it turns out that there is a scientific formula for the perfect breakfast, to be always slim, writes

Breakfast should be:

- 50% of proteins that accelerate metabolic processes, metabolism and inhibiting the feeling of hunger;

- on 40% of carbohydrates - a source of energy that will not make you feel tired;

- and on 10% of fats that help digest some vitamins.

We offer basic products for a “slim” breakfast, and you can mix them as you please.

Healthy Cholesterol Eggs

Give up harmful sandwiches, and use a dish of eggs (scrambled eggs, hard boiled eggs, boiled eggs, poached) - the easiest and fastest option for a healthy breakfast. By the way, today chicken eggs are fully rehabilitated. Indeed, recently doctors called for limiting their use in order to avoid cholesterol. But biologists have proven that eggs contain only “healthy” cholesterol, as well as 12 essential vitamins and almost all trace elements.

Also, American scientists from Connecticut compared the impact on humans of two types of breakfast: from 2 eggs and the usual bagel. The doctors came to the conclusion that eggs for breakfast accelerate weight loss by 65% and maintain the body's energy at an optimal level throughout the day. In addition, with such breakfast, it is much easier to hold out until lunch without snacking.

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Boiled fish or meat

Chicken breast, lean beef, turkey, rabbit, low-fat fish, such as hake or pollock, can also claim their place in the morning menu. For many, such food will seem heavy, and indeed it is strange to eat meat in the morning. But doctors recommend protein foods to those who are waiting for physical exertion, for example, training in the gym or hard work. After such a hearty breakfast, the thought of a snack will not visit you at least until lunchtime. Of course, if you follow your figure, these products should be on your plate in boiled form, without salt, sauces and spices, with a small amount of vegetables.

Cottage cheese not higher than 5% fat

Cottage cheese is a source of protein and calcium, which speeds up metabolism and helps to get rid of extra pounds faster. The popular saying “Cottage cheese in the morning is gold, in the afternoon it is silver, and in the evening it is kidney stones” is the best proof that you need to eat it in the morning. Doctors say that having breakfast with cottage cheese you will forget about hunger for a few hours. Of course, for your slim figure, buy a product no higher than 5% fat and without all sorts of additives. But you shouldn’t take absolutely fat-free: calcium cannot be absorbed from it.

If you just bored with cottage cheese, diversify it with fresh berries and sliced ​​fruit, nuts or seeds. And remember that the curd mass, which has a lot of sugar, and sometimes palm oil, has nothing to do with a slim figure. If you do not want cottage cheese at all, replace it with yogurt or kefir.

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Proper porridge

Leaders healthy breakfast - cereal, especially oatmeal. Whole grain porridge will be useful, in the shell of which there is a lot of fiber, vitamins and microelements. It is slowly digested, gradually giving its energy to the body. therefore, hunger will not return soon. But it is better to forget about semolina. Yes, even if you do it with berries and other goodies.

It is best to combine porridge with proteins, for example with cottage cheese. So, in 2012, Steroids magazine published interesting studies: scientists observed two groups for 7 months: in the first group, they ate only carbohydrates for breakfast, and the second added proteins to carbohydrates. So, the subjects in the second group were less hungry during the day, and hunger hormone ghrelin was lower by 45 percent compared to those who consumed only carbohydrates. Weighing results also surprised everyone: for the 7 months, participants from the first group lost weight in aggregate by 3,5 kg, whereas from the second group - by 22 kg!

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The best vegetable is tomato

Vegetables for breakfast - great. Scientists have found that they must be at least 100 grams. Any vegetables, such as broccoli and cabbage, bell peppers, cucumbers, zucchini - whatever. Use them fresh or stewed, with olive or other vegetable oil, low-fat yogurt or sour cream. And remember, if you follow your kilos, then forget about salt, fried version and, of course, harmful mayonnaise and various sauces.

By the way, doctors say that there is no ideal vegetable. That he is good for weight loss, because it is low-calorie - only 15 kcal per 100 grams. In this case, the digestion of tomato energy will take much more.

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Careful fruit!

Fruit for breakfast is a controversial option. If you add them to cereals and dairy products, then fine. But in the form of a smoothie - better not worth it. Nutritionists say that there is no fiber in juice and fresh juice, which is so necessary for normal digestion. Of course, they have vitamins, but this is not enough for a normal breakfast.

In addition, the fruit for breakfast should be approached very carefully for those who have health problems. For example, if you have high acidity, then it is better to refuse apples. Anyone who cares about his body, nutritionists advise to say "no" to a banana because of its calorie content and grapes - there is a lot of sugar in it.

Sweets a little bit for joy

We have already told you why you should give up refined sugar - and not only in the name of slim and healthy teeth. Therefore, in the direction of this harmful product do not even look. But I still want sweetie. And this is correct, because sugar rules the appetite, and the brain without glucose will certainly be hungry. Therefore, the place can be filled with the right sweets, such as berries or fruits.

Eat honey with caution, remember not only about the dose, but also about a possible allergic reaction. By and large, honey is just a treat, a teaspoon for breakfast of this product is enough. Some doctors are not against the use of candied fruit for breakfast, but you can only afford a few things, because candied fruits are, in fact, cooked in sugar, and only then dried fruit. And remember about sweeteners: there are many ways to arrange a sweet life for yourself without any harm to the figure.

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