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Five fun free fun with kids at home

23.10.2021, 14: 15 EST

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It's time for the winter holidays - this is the time when many parents ask themselves the question "What to do with their children?" in a hurry to save you from thinking about this topic and offers 5 ways to organize fascinating leisure activities in the circle of those closest to you.

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1. "Your own director"

Show your kid cartoons shot using plasticine figures (for example, Soviet cartoons), and invite him to become a director of such a picture. To create a short animated film, you will need plasticine, a camera and, of course, fantasy. Discuss the details of the story with your child, and then prepare the scenery: dazzle the figures of the main characters and their surroundings. After that, mount the camera on a tripod, and if the tripod is not at hand, fix it in a fixed position with the help of available tools. When the preparation phase is complete, you can start filming. To do this, you need to smoothly move the figures and take pictures of them after each movement. After filming is finished, edit the cartoon in a video editor and add pre-recorded cues or music tracks you have chosen. Look at the resulting picture with your child and be sure to praise him for the work done.

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2. “The book about me”

Captivate the child by inviting him to create a work in which he himself will be the main character. Help your child find the right materials for the project, such as children's drawings, pictures of family, friends, or pets, and magazine clippings that will make your child's dreams come true. Make the cover and pages of the future "print" from paper, and then decorate it with scissors, glue, a stapler, as well as felt-tip pens or colored pencils. Together with your child, come up with a text for each page, and then ask the child to write it on their own and indicate their authorship on the cover of the work. Read the finished book in front of all family members and praise your child for their hard work.

3. "Treasure hunt"

While the child is asleep, hide the tips and a gift in the apartment, to which they will lead the toddler walking in the footsteps. After breakfast, give your beloved child a treasure map and explain the essence of the game: using the map, he must find the clues you have hidden. Explain to him that by collecting all the pieces of the puzzle, he can take possession of the main prize. If during the game the child cannot cope with some task or riddle, rush to his aid, and after reaching the goal, celebrate the successful outcome of the event together.

4. Board games

There are many board games that can captivate not only the child, but also the rest of the family, as well as provide them with an extremely pleasant pastime. Cards, Jenga, Lotto, Domino, Monopoly are just a small part of the variety of board games that are ready to help you organize a wonderful evening with your family.

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5. “Family collage”

Take a drawing paper, glue, and markers. Find your favorite photos in the family archive or print them saved on electronic media. Stick the photographs on a Whatman paper in a chaotic manner and ask your child to come up with a funny or touching caption for each photo. After the kid makes the signatures, encourage him to be creative, namely, decorate the poster with various drawings. It is recommended to hang the resulting collage in a conspicuous place, and praise the child for the work done.

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