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5 nourishing carbohydrates to help you lose weight


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We are accustomed to consider carbohydrates as enemies of slimness and far from being the best assistants in the difficult task of getting rid of extra pounds. But doctors and scientists disagree. We have already talked about why low-carb diets do not work. And today we will open a little secret to you: carbohydrates are not just needed on a diet, but even help you lose weight. Researchers at the USDA Energy Metabolism Laboratory Human Nutrition Research Center proved: whole grains and fiber contribute to improved metabolism, and hence weight loss. Let's start?



If you eat potatoes without fat cheese, butter and other additives that add a fair number of calories per serving, and also do not cook them in fat, this is a very dietary product. Potatoes are great filling, so you still won't be able to eat enough to get a high-calorie kick. Potatoes contain a lot of useful and easily digestible fiber, especially if it is eaten with a peel, it contains a lot of vitamins and minerals. Of course, you shouldn't eat potatoes three times a day, but you can eat them on a diet a couple of times a week.

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Let's make a reservation right away - only those corn kernels that have been prepared using air, and not in a fryer, can be considered useful. If you do not add butter, cheese and sweeteners to whole corn kernels, this product helps to fill the stomach and maintain a feeling of satiety for a long time, and also contains a lot of fiber. Portions, of course, in any case should be limited. And this is definitely better than chips!



Quinoa is not really a grain crop, it is technically the quinoa that grows in the field. However, quinoa is high in plant protein and amino acids (making it especially attractive to vegans), as well as carbohydrates and fiber. Groats help you lose weight and is also used as a useful "fuel" for athletic training.


Durum wheat pasta

Unlike inexpensive “white” pasta saturated with gluten, durum wheat pasta belongs to complex carbohydrates - it creates a feeling of fullness for a long time, requires a certain amount of energy to digest and contains fiber, which prevents the absorption of excess fats and helps to lose weight. But you should not fill it with fatty, salty or sweet dressings, just a little olive oil, and even better, herbs and vegetables.

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Of course, we are not talking about semolina porridge or white peeled rice porridge. But cereals such as oatmeal, buckwheat, boiled brown rice, barley - an excellent choice for those who are on a diet and plans to get rid of extra pounds. All these types of cereals contain a lot of useful fiber, and barley and buckwheat also contain a lot of protein, which makes a plate of such porridge a full meal. Eat at least one serving every day, and you will be surprised how easy it will be to lose weight.


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