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Five tricks used by Soviet housewives



Our grandmothers and mothers did not have the opportunity to simply google the necessary question in order to find out this or that household life hack (and such a concept did not exist before). Therefore, they had to come up with their everyday tricks, which sometimes looked very unusual, writes

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1. Soap bred

In Soviet times, it was customary to save. That is why the remaining soap was not discarded, but collected in a separate container. When a sufficient number of such pieces was collected, they were poured with water, diluted and used as liquid soap. Cheap and cheerful.

2. Patched up clothes

Many things in Soviet times were in short supply. Therefore, if they deteriorated, they were in no hurry to throw them away. For example, if the sheet was wiped in the center and it was already visible in the light, the central part was simply cut off and a new piece was sewn. The same trick was done with children's tights: instead of worn feet, suitable socks were sewn - and they could be worn again.

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3. Used newspapers for other purposes

Newspapers in the Soviet economy were given a special place. It never even occurred to anyone to throw the press they read into the trash. Newspaper strips were used as a base for wallpapering, seedling containers, toilet paper, book covers. They kept money in newspapers, they washed the windows, they could light a stove or stove with them. A truly universal thing.

4. Preserved plastic bags

Polyethylene bags were in short supply in the Union and were not sold in packs of 50-100 pieces as they are now. That is why they were taken care of, washed and dried. Bulk products, gingerbread and sweets were stored in such bags. They were also used to soften stale bread. For this, bread crusts were folded into a bag, tied tightly and placed on a radiator.

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5. Putting off the best for later

A festive service in a sideboard, a ceremonial pair of shoes on a mezzanine and a scarce lipstick in a cosmetic bag petrified from time to time - all this was kept by Soviet housewives and cherished like the apple of their eye. This Soviet habit has remained with many to this day. But it's better to live here and now. There is nothing eternal in this world, and the habits of the Soviet people are proof of this.

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