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5 funds required in your spring first aid kit



As a rule, by the spring the protective mechanisms of the body weaken and the immunity decreases. This can turn into vitamin deficiency, increased fatigue and exacerbation of chronic diseases. Heroine will tell you how to fill up your first-aid kit in order to enjoy the spring heat without unpleasant surprises.

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1. Vitamins to raise the tone

One of the most common health complaints is related to lack of energy. The feeling of fatigue is a natural signal that says that it is time to rest, and a full night’s sleep is usually all that is needed. However, if the body does not relax and does not have time to replenish energy, there is a feeling of exhaustion and drowsiness, and apathy is replaced by irritability.

  • Decision: Usually, the breakdown speaks of a lack of vitamins in the body, improving performance and giving energy. For example, vitamin B1 stimulates the brain and improves memory, B2 strengthens the immune system and increases concentration, B3 and B6 calms the nervous system, and B12 invigorates and normalizes sleep.

2. Drops against eye strain

Eye fatigue may be caused by various reasons, such as long work at the computer, driving long distances, vitamin deficiencies, incorrect glasses or lenses. Usually, eyestrain is accompanied by redness, dryness or burning, increased sensitivity to light and a heavy feeling of the eyelids.

  • Decision: Relieve the symptoms of eye fatigue with prolonged stress and prevent the development of serious diseases can special eye drops. Enriched with vitamins, they moisturize the cornea, relieve itching and inflammation, preventing the subsequent occurrence of fatigue.
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3. Allergy Spray

Spring is a key season for seasonal pollen allergy. The body's immune system mistakenly perceives pollen as a danger and begins to secrete antibodies that attack allergens. This leads to the release into the blood of histamine - an activator of allergic reactions. It is he who causes a runny nose, burning and itching in the nose.

  • Decision: Allergy nasal sprays relieve inflammation and nasal congestion, normalize breathing and reduce sensitivity to allergens, preventing the recurrence of allergies.

4. Herbal tea to calm

Getting into stressful situations is an integral part of our life. The reasons for nervous overstrain are often poor ecology, lack of vitamins, workloads and inability to relax. If the problem is not warned in time, in the future it can lead to disturbances in sleep and brain work, headaches and apathy.

  • Decision: Herbal teas with a calming effect will help to cope with anxiety, irritation and lack of vitamins. Chamomile improves the stress resistance of the body, oregano helps eliminate insomnia. Linden and hawthorn improve immunity, help to relax.
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5. Drops to improve immunity

The health of the immune system is greatly influenced by the ecological situation, the emotional state of a person, lifestyle, the quality of sleep and nutrition. According to clinical studies, nutritional deficiency is the most common cause of a decline in immunity.

  • Decision: To strengthen the immune system and maintain health in good shape, use natural supplements based on grapefruit seeds. Their composition contains vitamin C and bioflavonoids, which can strengthen the immune system, remove toxins from the body and increase efficiency.

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