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5 rescue life hacking for washing, ironing and drying your favorite things


Source: Apartment Therapy

Preparedness is the key to success. The next time you dress your favorite blouse with a sauce, or after washing your sweater will fit only a baby in size, instead of frantically searching for a solution to a problem, you will be calm like Buddha.

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Drying machine can be a steamer

No clothes steamer? Not a problem, writes Apartment Therapy. If your clothes are a bit more wrinkled than needed, then use a tumble dryer (if you have one). Put wrinkled clothes and a wet, clean hand towel into it and let the machine run the 10-15 minutes on medium power.

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Clothes can be ironed hair

If your favorite shirt is too worn out, then the case can be fixed with an iron for hair. It is especially convenient for them to iron sections between buttons, cuffs and collars. Just make sure that the iron is completely dry and clean (without a trace of hair styling products).

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Hair conditioner instead of iron

If you find that your favorite piece of clothing has “sat down”, then do not rush to throw it away. This can be fixed. Soak the garment in the water and hair conditioner solution for five minutes, then place it on a terrycloth towel, stretching it a little to its original size.

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Vodka against the smell

If you are going to meet and want to wear a top that was put on the party last night, then you can get rid of the unpleasant odors that clothes soaked with, using vodka. Pour it a little in a spray bottle and spray it on your clothes. This method, by the way, perfectly neutralizes the unpleasant smell in sneakers.

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Bread as a stain remover

On the Internet, a lot of tips on how to use the most unusual means to remove spots. But if there is no shaving foam or dishwashing liquid on hand, and there is bread within reach, roll the crumbs into a ball and blot the stain with it. It will not be worse, but still it is necessary to blur the spot as soon as possible.

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