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5 of symptoms that cannot be ignored, so as not to repeat the fate of Zavorotnyuk and Friske



Glioblastoma. Few people have not heard this terrible word in connection with the disaster that overtook the family of Anastasia Zavorotnyuk. The actress could have had a little more time to fight the disease, but, alas, she turned for help too late.

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Any brain tumor is dangerous. And it doesn’t matter: is it malignant or benign. There is not much space in the cranium, so even the most harmless kind of tumor eventually grows and begins to put pressure on the brain and cause disturbances in its work, writes

120 varieties of brain tumors

Some are treatable, some are not. Some have clear boundaries, and some have to be removed with nearby tissues, because it is not visible how much the tumor has grown in them. Some grow for years, and some kill rapidly.

Glioblastoma is one of the most aggressive types of cancer. And, unfortunately, one of its most common types. As a rule, the detection of glioblastoma means a death sentence. And the detection of a tumor at an early stage makes it possible to slow down its rapid development.

Why does a tumor form?

Nobody will answer this question exactly. At any time and under any circumstances, a cell division error may occur. It is impossible to insure against this, and it is not connected with heredity.

The only thing that can be done so that the trouble is not taken by surprise is not to ignore the “bells” with which the body informs that not everything is in order inside.


5 of symptoms that cannot be ignored

The following symptoms can be found in the Big Medical Encyclopedia (p. 565, section “Brain”, see “Tumors” - approx. Ed.).

Increased intracranial pressure

Most often, this symptom is the most "talking". It manifests itself in the form of frequent headaches, which are accompanied by nausea and vomiting. Sometimes the pain is supposedly concentrated in one place - most often the tumor will be detected there, if any. Such pain is not relieved by pills.

Do not sound the alarm at the first headache, most often it has other reasons. But if the pain is constant or recurring, if in addition to it there are some other symptoms from those that we give below, then this is already cause for concern.

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Increased weakness

If you suddenly began to lose balance, stammer out of the blue or noticed that one half of your body is listening worse than the other - do not hesitate to examine. Coordination problems are one of the symptoms of a tumor. For a long time Anastasia Zavorotnyuk struggled with weakness and nausea. The actress could not even think about what these symptoms signal.

Vision problems

The so-called optic tract runs from the eye to the back of the cerebral cortex. Therefore, wherever a tumor forms, it is likely to eventually affect the fibers that conduct visual impulses.

This means that blurring or bifurcation of the picture, blurred vision, increased photosensitivity, the formation of "blind spots", strange movements of the eyeball or its stop can be observed.

If something else bothers you against the background of the described problems, do not hesitate to tell the ophthalmologist about this. Taken together, the symptoms may not indicate a problem with the eyes, but a problem with oncology.

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Seizures or seizures similar to epilepsy

Any loss of consciousness or control of the body is an immediate reason to consult a doctor. And of course, you need to find out why your body suddenly turns off. Most often, the cause of convulsions or fainting is not always cancer, but these symptoms themselves are dangerous. So it’s best to know about the reasons in order to be able to eliminate them at an early stage, if possible.

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Strange or inappropriate behavior

Most often, the patient himself does not notice this symptom. Here you will need the attention of loved ones. Most often, others see that the person has deteriorated in character and justify this under the circumstances. Nevertheless, increased irritability and incomprehensible aggression, together with other manifestations from this list, may be one of the symptoms of cancer.

Losses in memory or disorientation in a familiar space, forgetfulness, distraction and inability to concentrate can also be observed.

Whatever happens to your body, remember: the sooner you turn to specialists and find out the causes of your symptoms, the greater the chance of a favorable outcome.

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