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5 most common mistakes in breakfast choices


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Breakfast - perhaps the most important meal. It is breakfast that helps to wake up, energizes for at least a few hours, contributes to the overall tone and improves mood. But only if the menu for it is chosen correctly. Most of us, unfortunately, have breakfast wrong. And you?


Error #1. Coffee and pastries
At first glance, the most invigorating option. In fact, it is not. Coffee on an empty stomach causes the release of insulin into the blood, and sweets of any kind (croissants, biscuits, cookies, cakes, chocolate) contribute to a sharp rise in blood glucose levels. All this can create a temporary illusion of vigor and energy. But the insidiousness of such a breakfast is that as a result of a jump in insulin, glucose is converted into body fat, and the level of sugar also drops sharply: you will quickly feel hunger.

Error #2. Refined food
Sweet cereals and ready-made granola, instant cereals, and other store-bought products that mimic “real” food are not healthy breakfast types. Most of these foods are too high in sugar and low in nutrients, even if the boxes contain vitamins and minerals. The amount of syrup with which all this is poured minimizes the benefits. Often these foods also contain excess fat. The result is difficulty concentrating, headaches, and cravings for sugary and junk food throughout the day.

Error #3. Rich breakfast
The fact that breakfast should give energy for a long time, many take literally - and arrange a real feast early in the morning. A three-course menu, where there is first, second and drink, a state of fatigue and a stuffed belly with all the ensuing consequences, is this a good start to your day? A hearty breakfast is not the same as a rich breakfast and eating everything. The rest of the day you will feel uncomfortable after such a meal.


Error #4. Lack of breakfast
Not everyone can bring themselves to eat something in the morning, right after getting up. In this case, do not torture yourself - drink a glass of water, you can add a few drops of lemon juice to it. The digestive system "wakes up", and after a while, it is quite possible that an appetite will appear. In any case, you should not leave the house on an empty stomach, it is fraught with dizziness, stomach problems and other troubles. Pick the lightest foods that you don't mind and start your day with at least those.

Error #5. Breakfast flowing to lunch
Those who eat breakfast late are equal to those who refuse to eat the first meal at all - which means the consequences will be the same: decrease in the level of glucose, difficulty with concentration, dizziness, severe hunger a few hours after waking up. Do your best to have breakfast at home, not in the office, even if this meal is very modest and light.

And finally, what foods are suitable for breakfast? Choose natural whole-grain cereals (no additives in the form of sugar), it can be oatmeal, brown rice, whole-grain bread. You should get protein - ideally, eggs (boiled or scrambled eggs), you can eat yogurt or cottage cheese with berries or fruit pieces. And instead of peanut butter sandwiches, try avocado toasts — they are great for satiating and giving energy.

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