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5 Russian beauties who cast foreign superstars



Russian beauties shine in Hollywood, on fashion catwalks and win the hearts of foreign stars. And not only conquer, but also smash. We talk about those of them who threw famous foreigners.

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Anna Vyalitsyna

Threw DiCaprio and vocalist Maroon 5

Anna Vyalitsyna - Russian top model, which shone on the catwalks in zero. This time in fashion was dubbed the epoch of three V - the names of the Russian beauties Vyalitsyna, Vodyanova and Volodina began precisely with this letter.

Anna broke men's hearts one by one. At the end of the zero, Vyalitsyna had an affair with DiCaprio himself. But the star "Titanic" did not come to her liking.

After DiCaprio, she met Adam Levine, the singer of Maroon 5 for a while. And though the glory of the present Casanova was fixed to Levine, they were together with Vyalitsyna for more than two years. And then the Russian model announced the breakup. For Levine himself, this came as a complete surprise, and for a long time he called this novel "the most harmonious relationship in his life."

Irina Shayk

Cast Cristiano Ronaldo

The novel of the Russian model and the main player of the planet (after Messi) Cristiano Ronaldo lasted five years - from 2010 to 2015 a year. The press choked with delight and called the couple just as "beautiful and handsome." There were rumors about the wedding, but suddenly Irina broke off relations with a football player.

Officially, it looked like a consensus gap. But later, Ronaldo confirmed that the Russian model left him himself. The reason for this, as the media wrote, was Irina’s unwillingness to tolerate the infidelity of a Portuguese football player: she allegedly found playful correspondence with other girls in his phone.

“My ideal man is honest, loyal, and also a gentleman who knows how to deal with a woman,” said Sheik. - I do not believe in a man who makes me unhappy. I think of them as boys, not men. ”

Oksana Grigorieva

Cast Mel Gibson

The Russian pianist from Saransk, Oksana Grigorieva, made a modeling career and captured the heart of more than one Hollywood star. One of her former husbands was, in particular, the actor Timothy Dalton, who played James Bond.

Grigorieva began to meet with Mel Gibson at the end of zero. They lived for about three years and raised their daughter Lucia together. In the summer of 2010, Grigorieva blamed the Hollywood star of violence and filed a lawsuit against Gibson. The Russian pianist had records of scandals and death threats on the part of the actor. The court took into account all the evidence and sentenced Gibson to three years of imprisonment on probation, and also prohibited him from approaching their daughter with Oksana.

Oksana's close acquaintances told the media that in family life Gibson was a real tyrant - she could not tolerate this and left him. “At first, he stopped liking the dresses in which Oksana appeared in public. “You will only wear pants! No tight clothing! No cleavage, ”announced Mel. Then strange things began to happen: suddenly he turned pale, changed in his voice, started jumping, yelling, breathing heavily, beating hysterically ... In the end, she just picked up the child and left their house. ”

Daria Kapustina

Dropped two-time champion "Formula 1"

Russian model Daria Kapustina and Spanish racer Fernando Alonso have met for more than two years - from 2012 to the beginning of 2015. Southern handsome was in love with his Russian girlfriend with all seriousness, he even visited Vladivostok - the native city of Kapustina. They were called the most beautiful couple in Formula 1, but then Daria announced the break.

Spanish media, which followed literally every step of Alonso, noticed a split back in 2014 year. So, the El Mundo edition reported that after the next Grand Prix, Dasha and Fernando were not seen together: Alonso left for Dubai alone.

Despite the gap, Daria does not want to talk about the ex-boyfriend of the bad and remembers only the bright moments: joint walks and trips, the Ferrari team and the teddy bear - the hot Spaniard chose her the biggest gift that Dasha cannot even lift him.

Natalya Vodyanova

Gave up the English millionaire

Natalia Vodianova began dating an English aristocrat and heir, Justin Portman in the early 2000s. The career of the Russian girl went uphill: she worked for all major fashion houses, including Chanel, Christian Dior and Dolce & Gabbana, and her face flashed on the covers of fashion magazines.

Married to Portman Vodyanova lived for about seven years. During this time, the couple had three children, but this did not prevent Natalia from announcing a divorce in 2011. Officially, it was a separation by agreement of the parties. However, Natalya had already rather coldly commented on her personal life: she admitted that she and her aristocrat husband had long lived separately, and soon she began a new affair with the heir to the French millionaire Antoine Arno. Later Portman wrote that Natalya left him when he was in a rehabilitation clinic, where he was treated for alcoholism.

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