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5 Russian stars who gave birth to strangers


Source: SM News

The birth of children from foreign husbands among public people is not uncommon. The stronger sex changes their wives to young girls. There are couples who, without fear of condemnation of society, create strong families. Stars also do not deny themselves affair on the side.


Albina Dzhanabaeva

For more than 10 years, Valery Meladze lived on two families, hiding his connection with Albina, in whom in 2004 a child was born, the son Kostya, recalls SM News. Only in 2009 did the singer publicly admit that he had one more. In addition to Bones, from his first wife he has three daughters from his first marriage. A divorce from his wife occurred only in 2014, when Albina gave birth to Valery's second son.

Svetlana Ivanova


Svetlana rarely comments on her personal life. In 2012, the actress got a daughter Polina from the director Janika Fayzieva, who by that time had a wife and two children. Only a year later, the director acknowledged paternity.

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Eva Polna


Eva Polna and Denis Klyaver are both public people, but for a long time they managed to hide the truth about a common child. Moreover, Klyaver was at that time happy with his wife. Only in 2010, the singer told on the program “Let them say” that he has a daughter, her name is Evelina, Eva Polna gave birth to her in 2005. Now the former lovers are not together, but maintain friendly relations.

Julia Snigir


Actress Julia Snigir became pregnant and gave birth to a son from a famous actor and father of many children, Evgeny Tsyganov. He left his wife, and now the couple together are raising little Fedor.

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Evgenia Dobrovolskaya

Photo: video frame YouTube / Russia 1

The actress raises 4's children, while their fathers are different. The actress was silent for a long time about the father of the third child (son of Jan). But in the future, the truth surfaced that the father is the famous actor Yaroslav Boyko, who is married to choreographer Ramuna Khodorkait. The love affair of Evgenia and Yaroslav began on the set of the film Suspicion. The wife forgave the betrayal.

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