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5 simple things that will help reduce weight before the New Year


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No, this is not a diet. Yes, it is almost a way of life. But easy and enjoyable. Let's start changing life not from January, but from December already.

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Decide on important things. Komsomolskaya Pravda a permanent expert, a member of the National Society of Dietitians, a doctor Lyudmila Denisenko helps. Even such simple at first glance steps will help to throw off the 1-2 kilo in the remaining four weeks before the New Year.

1. Breakfast is a must! And dinner too

Scientists have calculated: if we refuse breakfast, then in a year we can easily gain the extra 3-6 kilos. After all, the body will take its own - overeat at lunch and require supplements at dinner. And if you have a late dinner, then the next morning you will not want to have breakfast (a so-called carbohydrate window is formed). After all, food does not have time to be digested and deposited in fat cells. At the same time, in the morning he will whisper to the brain: you are not hungry at all.

The unanimous verdict of nutritionists is that breakfast is not stored on the sides, and all the calories from it are consumed without a trace. In addition, it is breakfast that controls the feeling of fullness all day. Therefore, nutritionists so easily allow you to eat a large portion of buckwheat with sausages in the morning. Also eggs in any form leave a feeling of satiety for a long time, and all cereals control our desire to eat sweet or fatty ones.

At the same time, you should not refuse dinner either! Too long a night break in food (more than 13 hours) will not bring anything good to the body. That is, if you get up at 8 am, then dinner should be no later than 8 pm, but not less than 1,5-2 hours before bedtime. The main thing is that it is light and healthy: vegetables, boiled or grilled, and a piece of lean meat - turkey, chicken breast, veal. Or fish.

The main thing is to remember the “rule of the hand” - there should be about as much side dish as will fit in your handful. And meat or fish - like the size of the palm, not counting the fingers. Then the stomach will receive what it needs and will not be overloaded with heavy food. And you will sleep better!


2. Once a week - fasting day

You do not need to frighten the body with severe starvation, serious starvation, because he has yet to deal with alcohol and food excesses in the New Year. But easy fasting days once a week will help not only lose two to three kilograms per month, but also gently cleanse the body. Choose to your taste:

+ Lean meat + cabbage. 350 grams of any lean meat and a side dish of cruciferous 450 grams divided into three or four methods.

+ Curd and fruit. 400 grams of cottage cheese and 400 grams of any steamed dried fruit or fresh fruit divided into 6 techniques.

+ Potatoes. 1,5 kg boiled or baked potatoes in their skins divided into five or six receptions.

+ Salad. Any lettuce leaves (best of all, ordinary leafy or cabbage, plus arugula, lollo rossa, iceberg, in general, whatever you find). Do not fill it with anything (even in one tablespoon of healthy vegetable oil - about 170 kcal). But you can add a tomato and a cucumber or half an avocado. You can add more hearty things to the salad - an egg for breakfast, chicken or turkey breast for lunch, tuna in its own juice for dinner.

On every fasting day, it is imperative to drink more plain water - up to two liters, because we are for beneficial cleansing. If it becomes a system, the body will get used to it over time and will endure restrictions much easier.

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3. More green and orange fruits and vegetables

Firstly, it is beautiful. And the aesthetic pleasure of eating improves mood. Secondly, the use of dark green (broccoli, green pepper, cabbage, kiwi, spinach, apples and various greens) and orange (avocado, oranges, bell pepper, mango, tangerines, carrots, turnips, pumpkin, baked beans) vegetables and fruit contributes to weight loss in the autumn-winter period.

In addition, according to the recommendations of the World Health Organization, we should eat 5-6 servings of colorful fruits and vegetables a day. Do not be alarmed: the portion is small. For example, a small bowl of tomato and cucumber salad, bell pepper and parsley is already four servings. One kiwi a day will fill the lack of vitamin C, and half an avocado will fill with healthy omega-3s.

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4. Lunch start with soup

Researchers at Pennsylvania State University found that by starting lunch with soup, women consumed 100 fewer calories for the rest of the day than their counterparts who skipped the first. Scientists believe the soup will keep you feeling full longer. Give preference to low-calorie soups without fatty meat and overcooked vegetables, do not season with sour cream and mayonnaise. Ideal - vegetable, mushroom, lean borscht and cabbage soup, light chicken noodle soup.

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5. Coffee - no, spices - yes!

Dangerous for losing weight is not coffee at all, and your favorite cappuccino, latte and fine hot chocolate with additives. But ordinary black coffee can play a cruel joke: Japanese studies show that an excess of caffeine causes the body to accumulate fat. Especially if you drink 3-5 cups per day.

But spicy seasonings, which are very fond of Mexican, Korean, Indian cuisine, help the metabolism and burn fat. Especially succeeded in that chili pepper, which 50 percent increases metabolism within three hours after eating. Spicy dishes we wash down more often, we eat in small pieces, which means we eat more quickly. Of course, if there are problems with the stomach, too sharp seasonings should not be overused.

But sweetish spices, especially Christmas cinnamon, cloves, vanilla, on the contrary, can provoke appetite.

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Do not forget the water

We will not remind you that the amount of fluid per day must be at least 1,5-2 liters per day. But there is a little trick: if you want a snack, it seems you would eat an elephant, drink a glass of water. There is a real hunger, then water will not save much and you will understand that it is time for lunch. And there is a stressful, emotional hunger. That is, when the body is full, but the emotions are “eaten away” from the inside. In this case, a glass of water is a good indicator, after which it will not be eaten.

Do not forget that the most useful glass of water is in the morning. It "washes" and awakens the body, sets us up to work. But before going to bed, it is better to stop drinking water at 1,5-2 hours, otherwise you will jump into the toilet and do not sleep well.

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Keep your shoulders straight

Good posture visually slims, even if the figure is burdened by extra pounds. Try to monitor your posture during the day. Follow the advice of Verochka from “Office Romance”: “Shoulders straighten, belly inside. Buttocks also in themselves. Everything, everything in itself. Walking from the hip, free, relaxed ... ".

If you can't keep track of your posture throughout the day, then at least do a simple exercise in the morning and evening: stand against a wall, pressing your heels, buttocks and shoulders to it. Literally five minutes in the morning and in the evening in this position will help you bring your back muscles into the correct straight position. Over time, the body will get used to it - and you will stop slouching.

By the way, if you slightly complicate the exercise, this will help reduce the daily load on the spine. Press your heels, buttocks and shoulders against the wall, slowly raise your arms up, clasping your palms above your head, at the same time raising yourself on tiptoes. Try not to tear the heels off the wall. Breathing should be light, superficial. Try to stand there for at least five minutes. This yoga exercise helps to effectively relieve the spine from daytime fatigue and corrects posture.

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Add happiness with food. Especially on 5 evenings

The main problem in autumn and winter is a lack of sunlight and, as a result, a decrease in the production of the hormone serotonin. I want more joy, and we start to seize this feeling. So let's do it right!

“Eat more tryptophan-rich foods,” advises nutritionist Lyudmila Denisenko. - Tryptophan - a building block for protein, helps to cope with hunger attacks and helps the production of serotonin. Rich sources of tryptophan are red and white lean meats (veal, chicken, turkey), fish, eggs, cheese, nuts, and grains. But don't rule out carbohydrates in the form of fresh fruits, vegetables and cereals!

Most often, serotonin levels are especially low in the evening around 16-17. Then we feel a keen desire to sit down for something sweet. But instead of a cake, eat three or four pieces of bitter chocolate, or a couple of dates, a handful of pine or walnuts, a banana or a whole-grain bread sandwich.

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