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Five foods you don't want to reheat


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Cooking food for several days at once is convenient, but the next day the food has to be reheated. Although reheating some dishes is strongly discouraged. What products should not be subjected to secondary heat treatment, says Rambler.

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This healthy and vitamin-rich cereal is best consumed right away. Repeated heating robs rice of all its beneficial properties. In addition, it is the presence of minerals and many useful substances that makes rice an excellent environment for the development of bacteria in it. Therefore, leaving it for several days in the refrigerator is definitely not worth it.

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Supporters of good nutrition are well aware that a bird has a lot of protein. But it is he who makes the chicken very dangerous when reheated. With secondary heat treatment, the protein structure changes, the product begins to be poorly absorbed, which, in turn, increases the risk of gastritis.


When reheated, the starch, which is rich in potatoes, loses all its positive properties. In the end, they turn into negative ones, and the nutritional value of the product decreases several times.


Secondary heat exposure changes the structure of proteins, fats and carbohydrates in eggs. They lose all their beneficial properties. In addition, when reheated, toxins are formed in the eggs, which can be potentially harmful to the human body.

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Mushrooms have a lot of protein and protein. But all of their useful properties are reduced at times during heat treatment. And re-heating makes the product completely useless for health.

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