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Five procedures that are best not done before the age of 35


Source: Rambler

In pursuit of beauty, many of us forget that the skin also needs rest, and at a young age it is better to rely on quality moisturizing and nourishment.

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Nevertheless, girls start cosmetic procedures too early, and the result is reversed - the skin begins to age prematurely. Rambler tells what procedures it is better to postpone.

Surgical Lifting

“Of course, surgical face lifting can be postponed until 40 years, since this type of intervention corrects quite pronounced changes in soft tissues that are not amenable to correction by injection and hardware methods,” says cosmetologist Natalia Imaeva, head of the Lantan Clinic.

So, if the salon offers to resort to this type of wrinkle correction, and you don’t have 35 years yet, feel free to change your beautician!


Some girls mistakenly believe that a Botox injection is such nonsense: they did it and forgot it, even at the age of 20! You shouldn't be so careless with yourself.

Firstly, you risk losing part of the facial expression, because after the introduction of Botox, the fibers of the muscles that form wrinkles relax. Remember at least Nicole Kidman with her face mask! This, of course, is the most extreme example, but all possible consequences should be taken into account.

Secondly, Botox is like a drug. Entering the drug once, you will definitely repeat it again - simply because wrinkles will return in a few months and may be even more noticeable than before the procedure. For this reason, experienced cosmetologists advise you to postpone Botox injections until they are really necessary. And this usually happens only after 35 years.


Mesotherapy is an injection into the middle layers of the epidermis of an individually composed cocktail of vitamins, minerals, herbal extracts and nutrients. After this procedure, there are noticeable spots on the skin for several days, which eventually disappear.

Some cosmetologists advise doing mesotherapy after about 28-30, but in fact, the procedure can be postponed for a few more years. The fact is that with proper care, regular scrubbing and moisturizing, the skin itself generates all the “building material” for elasticity and firmness. As soon as you start "treating" her with such active cocktails, the skin will begin to "lazy". Indeed, why support yourself on your own, if nutrition already comes from outside?

Mesotherapy before 35 can only be done in the case of premature aging of the skin - and this is the exception rather than the rule.


This procedure with a complex name means injections of hyaluronic acid familiar to us. As a rule, the effect of biorevitalization is seen after the first time - the skin becomes more elastic, fine wrinkles - invisible. The only question is when to start the procedure?

A competent cosmetologist will say that dehydration of the skin and the first wrinkles in 30 years is not a reason to start injecting. So far your skin itself is capable of producing collagen (it is for its stimulation that hyaluronicum is injected) - this is the same story as with mesotherapy. Just “overfeeding” the skin ahead of time, slowing down the natural production of collagen, and will have to deal with far more serious problems than barely noticeable wrinkles. By the way, are you sure that they are?

The best way out for you before 35 is to use anti-age creams, serums and oils, as well as to ensure proper cleansing.

Fractional Laser Rejuvenation

Whatever is written on the sites of cosmetology clinics, fractional rejuvenation (on the Fraxel apparatus) is a really serious effect on the skin, and it should be done only in case of obvious signs of aging. This usually occurs no earlier than 40 years.

Fractional laser is still sometimes used to remove scars and post-acne, but in the case of rejuvenation, it can significantly reduce wrinkles. True, young girls do not need such a procedure - there is a risk of damaging the skin that does not need such an active effect.

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