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Signs by which foreigners accurately calculate Russian girls


Source: Rambler

In the modern world, millions of people from around the world travel back and forth, merging into a single mass of vacationers. However, the behavior will still give you a resident of a country.

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How foreigners calculate Russians on the streets, says Rambler.


With the advent of fashion for sneakers and flat shoes, Russians did not always walk in heels, especially tourists. But still, if somewhere in the cobblestones a beautiful woman in high heels walks, with almost 100% probability it will be a Russian girl. Most foreign men are very surprised by this habit.


If you come closer, Russian girls can be recognized by their manicure. In Russia and the countries of the former CIS, it is customary to create complex designs on nails. Fortunately, the fashion for false nails is fading away. Residents of Western countries most often do uncoated manicure, or paint their nails with a monochromatic varnish. This type of coating, like "shellac" (long-term coating), is more popular in post-Soviet countries.

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Always at the "parade"

Russian women always try to apply makeup and dress beautifully. Even in winter, they wear skirts, heels and thin tights. Russians dress up not only in the theater or cinema, but even for a hike for bread! Many of our compatriots go to work like Americans or Europeans go to parties.

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Selfies without a smile

Foreign friends identify Russian women by selfies. The fact is that Russian women rarely smile, and if they do, they try to hide their teeth and stretch their lips with a duck. But more often girls are photographed with serious faces. In a number of countries in northern Europe, people are also not very smiling, but if they smile, then openly, showing their teeth.

Shine like a diamond!

Foreigners from afar notice Russian girls by their characteristic brilliance. And everything that they can shines in them: if the sparkle in the eyes is a sign of good mood, then the sparkle of rhinestones on boots or a bag is a tribute to a peculiar fashion. Metallic accessories glisten on clothes, rhinestones on nails or a phone case. If a Russian woman does not emit a characteristic radiance, she will definitely have fur or velvet. Very much women from the former USSR love attention! Some Europeans compare Russian ladies with Romanians: they also like to dress up their fur and shine like a Christmas tree.


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