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5 signs of milk intolerance that you don't suspect


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Milk is a controversial product. Some argue that it can be drunk at any age, because this drink is healthy, saturating us with calcium. Others, on the contrary, believe that in adulthood it should be abandoned, because the body lacks special substances to digest the lactose contained in milk, the channel’s author writes. "Vilkin‍: recipes and life hacks" on Yandex.Zen.

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However, there are many studies indicating that milk is far from the most useful product. For example, in 2014, the medical publication BMJ published the results of studies in which more than 60 thousand women took part.

As it turned out, girls who regularly consumed milk were more likely to suffer from fractures and bone problems. So calcium is clearly better taken elsewhere.

But there are other reasons why it is advisable to refuse this product. For example, its intolerance to the body, which can be expressed by a variety of problems from the gastrointestinal tract. But can it be recognized? Let's find out the main signs that you should pay attention to.

Constant bloating sensation

In order for lactose to be properly digested and absorbed, there should be enough lactase in the human body. For babies, this substance is enough, because they need to digest mother's milk, which makes up more than 90% of their diet in the first year of life. Yes, children also have a similar problem, but much less often than adults - this is how their body works.

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And with the age of this substance in our body less and less, but, of course, everything is purely individual - someone drinks milk and does not feel any discomfort, and for someone, even one glass can cause bloating.

Statistics show that:

  • over 70% of Indians, African Americans,
  • over 90% of the inhabitants of Asian countries,
  • more than 50% of Europeans and Hispanics suffer from this problem.



Bloating is often accompanied by pain, tingling, and other unpleasant sensations. The fact is that in the absence of lactase in the intestine, milk is not completely absorbed, because of which the digestion process is disrupted and the above symptoms appear.

Some even complain of more unpleasant sensations - vomiting, cramps, sharp sharp pains.

Profuse gas

If lactose is not completely absorbed by the body, then it is almost at a standstill after entering the intestines. And there begins to wander. And this process does not lead to good consequences: rumbling, strange sounds from the abdomen - this is only a minimum of problems. Much worse if sudden flatulence occurs.


This is one of the most common symptoms that occurs after consuming dairy products.

True, here, too, everything is individual: for some, diarrhea occurs only for milk, for someone for everything, including cheeses, yoghurts.
But how to check it? First, you should completely exclude them from your diet, wait for a while, so that the body is cleansed of lactose residues, and then gradually introduce products in turn.

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What external signs are worth paying attention to?

Milk intolerance is manifested not only by bloating or flatulence. There are several external manifestations that it is desirable to pay attention to.

The first is the appearance of itching. Of course, usually the skin itches after drinking milk in case of allergy to this product. But it happens that lactose intolerance is also manifested. Therefore, it is very important to pay attention to any such signs.

The second popular symptom is skin problems. The inclusion of products made on the basis of natural milk increases the amount of the hormone IGF-1, which, as scientists have found, is associated with acne, inflammation and swelling on the skin.

In addition, the more milk you drink, the more your body produces subcutaneous fat. But it is he who leads to acne, "black spots", clogs the pores.

If for a long time you have been conducting an uneven struggle with acne, and the cosmetics prescribed by dermatologists did not help you, maybe you should give up dairy products for a while? Try to stop using them for a short period and look at the difference.

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