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5 habits that all desired women have



Best of all, men know how women behave, past whom it is impossible to pass indifferently. The editors interviewed representatives of the strong half of humanity on the subject of what kind of woman they would call desirable (and not a word about appearance!). Here's what happened.

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1. She is not in a hurry to bed (especially with those whom she doesn’t know well).

The desired woman knows how to enjoy intimate relationships, but prefers to wait if she is looking for a serious relationship. And it's not so much in the conservative rules, as in the experience: they know that haste can hinder a lot, writes

During intimate contact in the body, oxytocin is produced - a love hormone. When a woman is in a hurry to be in a man’s bed, the release of this hormone may mistakenly make her believe that she has met her love. This illusion often ends in disappointment.

Wise women want to soberly evaluate a man, without clouding the mind of hormones. In addition, it helps to understand what the man wants.

2. She is full of passion - especially for her life.

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Desired women do not impose or stifle their partners with their presence and attention. They understand that men are a bonus to their lives, but not life itself.

In fact, relationships only gain when partners have different interests and time apart so that they can energize their personality and value time more together.

While many women mistakenly dissolve their lives in a man's life in the hope of getting closer to him, the desired women realize that it is independence that incites desire.

3. She is emotionally stable and positive.

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Desired women do not show too much negativity and try to be happy with life. They never bring stress from work to home. They understand that love and support should prevail at home. Moreover, such women realize that their emotional stability does not depend on the man in everything. For this they still have girlfriends, trainings, perhaps meditations. They do not place all responsibility for their condition on a man.

4. She knows her boundaries and is not afraid to voice them.

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The desired woman is not afraid to express her opinion, even if she knows that she may not like it. She expects a certain level of attitude towards her and is not afraid to talk about her needs. Voicing her boundaries, she attracts a partner who will be respectful and daring enough to be with her.

5. She does not adapt to anyone.

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In a world where women are constantly under pressure - what is, how much to weigh, when to get married and have children - these women go to the battle of their own drum. They are not worried about what society expects from them; it is more important for them how they live their lives. It is awful to wake up in the middle of life and realize that your life decisions do not reflect you, but only attempts to meet the expectations of friends, family or others.

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