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5 reasons why you can not lose weight


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Most women at least once in their life - and most often, systematically - resort to diets and increased physical exertion to lose a few (or quite a lot) extra pounds. Nevertheless, successfully lose weight and hold the weight can not very many. Why it happens?


You start too abruptly

What do you usually do after you decide to lose weight? Sharply reduce the diet, add exercise to your life to seventh sweat, begin to attend massage sessions and hardware procedures. The body is shocked and literally does not understand what is happening. As a result of a sharp reduction in the diet, you will begin to extract excess of literally from everything, even completely healthy foods - the body will slow down the metabolism, fearing a sudden hunger and storing every calorie. As a result of increased stress, immunity may be weakened and chronic diseases will be exacerbated. And just such a brutal regime you will not endure. Therefore, it is necessary to start a diet gradually, as well as add loads - take small steps, they are always more reliable. In addition, if not in a hurry, then the chance to break below.

You are losing weight "like a girlfriend"

You begin to cut back on your calorie intake, based on generally accepted norms for the average person of average weight and height, conventionally healthy. For example, "sit down" on 1000 kilocalories, not considering that this figure is significantly less than your personal base exchange, that is, the amount of energy that you must receive in order for the body to perform its functions. The results will be dire. Therefore, before cutting back on calorie intake, consult a specialist, or at least study special programs on the Internet that take into account your personal data.

You are fond of experiments

Mono diets, complete or almost complete rejection of carbohydrates or fats, exceptionally raw food, juice diets, or eating only fruit - all this you could find on the Net and decide to use it on yourself. But such food is permissible only for a few days. In the future, none of these diets will provide you with micro- and macronutrients that are important for life and health. The diet should be balanced and contain foods from all nutritional groups.

You overeat low-calorie and low-fat food

It just seems that low-calorie foods contain no calories at all. If 100 grams of berries can contain 35 calories, you can consider them dietary. But it is not so difficult to “manage” at once a kilogram and a half - and these are completely different numbers, replacing a full meal. Keep in mind that even the amount of low-calorie foods in the diet must be quantified and reasonably limited. As for low-fat food - in order for such a product to retain a pleasant taste, either too much sugar is added to it, or a hefty portion of flavors, colors and flavors, or part of the natural product is replaced with an artificial one. All this is simply harmful, and no benefit.

You expect a short-term effect.

Losing weight is not a problem for most people. A huge number of full and very full Americans at least once in their life dumped from 30 and more kilograms, some lose and 70. But the problem is that after such a loss, again, most people gain weight very soon. Never choose a power system that you can not stick to for a long time - sharp weight gains from losing weight to a set and back are much more harmful to health (and with a large excess, and for life) than just having extra pounds.

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