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5 reasons to start now: why summer is easier to lose weight


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While someone was trying to lose weight by the summer, others were waiting for his offensive to make it easier to lose weight. Here are the 5 reasons to follow suit.

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1. More activity

In the summer, we are more and more willing to go for walks, and while walking, we do not rush home, we drink a lot of water and pass ten thousand steps imperceptibly, or even more, writes I'm buying.

2. Outdoor sports

In summer, outdoor sports turn into fun. A couple of weeks without interruption - and street workouts will become a good habit.

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3. Easier to keep to a diet

It has been proven that craving for sweets arises from the lack of the hormone of joy - serotonin. In the summer, as a rule, we have a great mood and there is no reason to seize the sadness with another candy. In addition, in winter the body quickly spends calories because of the cold, we constantly feel hunger. Therefore, in the summer to withstand vegetable and fruit diets is much easier. And is it worth saying that they are cheaper and more affordable now?

4. Swimming is the best sport

It is no secret that during the voyage we use all the muscles and burn a record number of calories. In addition, in the summer you can replace the annoying pool with water or the sea.

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5. Psychological factor

In winter, it is much easier to fool yourself by hiding a couple of extra pounds in jeans or a voluminous jacket. In the summer with short dresses, shorts, and even more so a swimsuit will not work. If you see the imperfections every day, it becomes harder to put up with them. That is why in the summer we are easier and more steadfastly withstand the promises and food restrictions given to ourselves.

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