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Safety rules that are important to know before barbecuing


Source: Goodhousekeeping

Eating outdoors is one of the most enjoyable and affordable pleasures. But summer barbecues are also notorious for burnt to embers or, conversely, undercooked meat, which entails all sorts of trouble. How do you make sure you are doing everything right?

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  1. Make sure that the grill is really clean - before use, thoroughly treat the surfaces with a stiff brush and warm soapy water, recommends Goodhousekeeping. If the situation still looks hopeless, soak it in a solution of bioactive laundry detergent, then scrub the screen with a metal scraper, rinse and dry. Remember: even if you washed it after the last use, if the grill was in the garden or shed, it needs fresh processing.
  2. Do not leave the food that you usually put in the fridge, in the open air or even indoors in warm weather - use cooler bags or drawers filled with ice packs. Always store cold food below 5 ° C and hot food above 63 ° C. Store raw meat products separately in covered or foil containers out of direct sunlight. Never combine different types of raw meat or fish together in the same marinade, and never reuse a marinade that has come into contact with raw meat, unless it has been heavily cooked before.
  3. Remember that charred food outside not always brought to readiness inside! You should always open, cut and check burgers, sausages, and chicken. All meat should give off hot steam and not be pink, when you cut the thickest part, all juices should be clear. To cook food evenly, turn the meat regularly and move it around the barbecue. When in doubt, cook for longer! Where possible, it is best to cook the chicken and pork in the oven and then add that final grill flavor to the dishes. You will get the same special barbecue flavor in a much safer way.
  4. That nothing stuck, grease the grill with a small amount of natural fat from the meat that you use, or sunflower oil. Many rub a half of lemon or onion over a preheated grill in order to additionally spice up the food.
  5. When you finish cooking, put some sand in into the drip tray - it will absorb cooking juices and you can easily clean the container afterwards. Leaving the gas grill idle for a while will help burn off food debris. Ideally, don't let your messy barbecue get stuck in the sun. It is easiest to clean all surfaces while the grill is still warm and will make it easier to use next time.

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