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Five pairs of foods that are more harmful together than separately



It is better not to combine them in one plate. Or do not eat at all, if you strive to get as close as possible to the canons of proper nutrition.

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1. Croissant and juice

If you are not dieting, then there is nothing wrong with such a snack. But not for breakfast, writes This dietary combination is rich in quickly digestible carbohydrates, after the absorption of which first rises, and then the level of sugar in the blood quickly drops. Better add to the croissant protein, for example, a slice of chicken breast. Well, if all the same diet, then the croissant is better to replace whole-grain bread. Adding fiber and protein will slow the breakdown of carbohydrates and reduce their impact on sugar and energy levels.

The fruit juice from the bag is, in fact, sugar in a glass. Better make yourself a smoothie with oatmeal, which contain more protein and require more time to digest in the body. Smoothies yogurt will also increase protein content.

2. Beef with beans

This combination is most often found in Mexican cuisine and Russian borscht. There is nothing harmful in it, because beef is rich in iron, and beans provide us with an extra portion of protein. However, legumes contain substances that prevent the body from absorbing iron. Of course, if your diet contains many foods rich in iron (oatmeal, leafy dark greens, poultry, lean red meat and seafood), then you have nothing to worry about. Otherwise, it is better to replace the beans with mushrooms or add red pepper rich in vitamin C to help iron absorption.

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3. Fruit Bread Tea

Quite a popular snack - a piece of fruit bread and a cup of tea. After all, such baking is definitely more useful than a cookie or bun. Fruits in bread, especially dried, make it a healthy diet rich in iron. However, when we wash it down with a cup of tea, the tannins contained in it interfere with the absorption of iron. Tannins are in all black teas and coffee, so it is preferable to drink herbal teas, such as mint, ginger and lemon.

4. White pasta with cream sauce

Who among us doesn't like to indulge in pasta? Carbonara or spaghetti with seafood - mmm ... But this combination is a mass of calories and fat plus “fast” carbohydrates. If you really want a creamy sauce, then eat whole grain pasta, which has more fiber. This will help you fill up faster and your blood sugar will not jump up and down. And even better - serve a creamy sauce, for example, with mushrooms. Prepare tomato sauce for pasta - it has fewer calories and saturated fat than creamy.

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5. Fish and chips

Fish & chips, as the British call this dish. Now it is served in almost any fast food. Sometimes, of course, you can indulge in it, but you shouldn't cook it at home - such food is full of calories and saturated fat. Better to boil or bake potatoes in their skins, make Idaho or country-style potatoes - this will be an excellent source of fiber. And instead of fish in batter, it is advisable to grill such fatty fish as salmon. It is rich in heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids that are not found in white fish such as cod.

Alexey Kalinchev, endocrinologist, nutritionist

- Most of the wrong food stereotypes come to us from foreign films in the first place. Juice, including freshly squeezed, for breakfast, and even an empty stomach, is from there. Remember, the first meal should not consist of simple or fast carbohydrates such as croissant and sweet juice. First you need to eat protein, boiled eggs, for example, or cottage cheese, and only then complex carbohydrates, such as rye bread, porridge for long boiling. And do not forget about healthy fats, butter, yolk in egg, sour cream, etc.

It is important to consider what the task is facing a specific person: to gain weight, to keep or lose weight. Do not forget that a person eats to live, but does not live to eat!

If you want to lose weight, then carbohydrates for breakfast should not be from cereals and bread, even regular ones, but from berries and fruits with a low glycemic index: apples, oranges, kiwi, blueberries, blueberries. If you need to recruit, then simple carbohydrates are used to help the body to break down them and get energy to provide sports and an active lifestyle. I repeat: regardless of what tasks you are facing, we first eat protein, then carbohydrates!

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