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5 errors preventing you from falling asleep


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Sometimes there are periods when it becomes hard to fall asleep. You can toss and turn in bed for a long time, glance at the alarm clock and count sheep. Literally everything begins to interfere with relaxing: a neighbor's dog, an uncomfortable bed, the hum of a refrigerator, or his own thoughts. With age, the list of perpetrators of lack of sleep is supplemented by chronic illness, stress, or high blood pressure. According to surveys of the Sleep Research Center (National Sleep Foundation), about 35% of Americans consider their sleep substandard.
So, you went to bed late again, and get up early in the morning. Try to avoid 5 fatal mistakes that prevent deep, useful and healthy sleep.

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1. Keep trying to sleep

If you do not fall asleep within 15-20 minutes, do not try to force it. Get out of bed. Switch attention to more useful and relaxing things. For example, turn on calm music, do breathing exercises, pick up a book. Set aside your phone, TV remote or tablet.

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2. Smoking

Besides the fact that smoking is harmful to health, you may accidentally fall asleep with a cigarette. And this is dangerous. In addition, nicotine is a stimulant. It disrupts metabolic processes in the brain, lungs and throughout the body. Instead of long-awaited relaxation, you may feel frustrated, anxious, or impending depression.

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3. Food

Try to keep from eating and transfer the enjoyment of food for breakfast. A full stomach prevents full sleep. Even alcohol will not allow you to rest well, because the awakening will not be the most rosy. If your body requires calories, treat it to yogurt with granola, a handful of nuts, or chamomile tea. This will give a long-awaited saturation and will not overload your body.

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4. Hike in the bathroom

If you regularly wake up to the toilet in the middle of the night, try to avoid bright light bulbs and blinding light. This can drive off the remnants of sleep and return you to the starting point of a bad sleep. Install dim nightlights with a soft, diffused light on the way to the bathroom. This will help you to do your business and sleep peacefully.

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5. Medications

There are many medications available to help you fall asleep soundly. In some cases, they are irreplaceable when, for example, you need to adapt to a different time zone. Follow your doctor's advice carefully. For example, melatonin should not be taken before bed. Better - a couple of hours before bedtime, so that the body is ready at the right time to plunge into fabulous dreams.

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