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5 newest inventions from insomnia



According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, we sleep an average of 8,8 hours per day. This means that either we really have from 7 to 9 hours recommended by specialists, or we are so tired that we give sociologists inaccurate data. Regardless of how closed eyes help us to rest, we would like to talk aboutas far as we get tired.


“When it comes to sleep, we desperately need extra stimulation,” says Dr. Matthew Walker, director of the Sleep and Neuroscience Lab at the University of California, Berkeley. It's good that now there are a huge number of applications, accessories, healthy snacks, medications and meditation techniques for this.

Do not sleep alone

There are 3 new applications that fall asleep and wake up with you:

Eight sleep tracker $ 399.
This device is a comfortable mattress cover that syncs with your phone app to track your sleep metrics, such as how much sleep you get, heart rate, room temperature, room noise, and more. Similar to the apps below, it has an alarm that will wake you up when you are in your lightest sleep cycle. Unlike them, the device also heats the bed! Feelings are similar to those you get with heaters in cars, which is nice, but probably still not worth $ 399. The alarm woke me up 15 minutes earlier than indicated in my half-hour window, and it was more like cheating than a triumph of technology.

Sleep Cycle (IOS) ¢ 99.
Sleep Cyclewhich you put near the bed or on the floor, in accordance with the advertising description of the application uses a microphone and accelerometer iPhone to measure movement. The app will wake you up in the 30-minute window you designated. It also tracks the quality of rest, including the time you spent in deep sleep.

Sleep As Android
free of charge, or for $ 3,99 with in-app purchases,
The same alarm and sensor for detecting deep sleep, as well as natural sounds for awakening (babbling brook, bird chirping). The app is equipped with a captcha test (a fully automated test for distinguishing between computers and people) to make sure that you are truly fully awake.

Find a non-drug alternative to fight insomnia

Can't sleep? Watch some ASMR videos.
ASMR - (English Autonomous sensory meridian response, ASMR) is a perception phenomenon characterized by a pleasant tingling sensation in the back of the head, goosebumps along the skin of the neck and back to the extremities. Listeners do not try to fall asleep, they just fall asleep. The action of ASRM is based on a whisper effect. It makes you forget everything. He just stops you. Your negative thoughts or worries are blocked by a whisper.
We picked up a video for you, where you can check your reaction:

Know drug substitutes

Do you want to fool your brain as if you took a pill? Various classes of hypnotics, from melatonin ... to ... ZZZ

Class : Melatonin agonists
What: additives, such as melatonin, Ramelteon and Tasimelteon. Used mainly by travelers, the drug mimics a hormone that is produced naturally in the early evening, convincing the body at nightfall.
Risk : Downed sleep-wake cycle

Class : Antihistamine
What : ZzzQuil, Tylenol PM... Antihistamines, active ingredients as sleep aids (and against allergies in medicine) block receptors in the brain that keep you "alert".
Risk : Drowsiness

Class : Z-Drugs
What : Ambien, Lunesta. These prescription pills slow down brain activity by increasing the neurotransmitter GABA. It reduces anxiety leading to insomnia.
Risk : contraindicated car driving, power failure

Class : Orexin antagonists
What : Belsomra. This medicine reduces neurotransmitter Orexinthat contributes to wakefulness.
Risk : Hallucinations, vivid dreams, excessive sleepiness

Buy beautiful pajamas

For men:

For women:

Last but not least, enjoy your evening smoothie

Dr. Robert S. Rosenberg, author of A Guide to Sleep: Relieving Stress and Anxiety, offers a recipe for tart cherries. They contain melatonin to help you fall asleep and proanthocyanidins to help you stay awake.

Ingredients (in two portions)

1 a cup of plain low-fat Greek yogurt
3 / 4 cups of unsweetened almond milk (can be substituted with soy milk or skimmed)
10-12 raw almond nuts
2 teaspoons cinnamon
1 frozen banana
3 / 4 cups of frozen tart cherries

Mix all ingredients until smooth. Store for up to 24 hours in the refrigerator.

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