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Five unexpected dangers of activated charcoal treatment


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Even if there is usually very little medicine in your home medicine chest, there will most likely be activated charcoal. He is kept handy just in case in almost every home, and there are quite a few such cases.

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You ate, as it seems to you, something stale, drank too much, tortured you - do not say to the table - flatulence and other unpleasant processes in the body ... Going to a doctor for such trifles seems superfluous, but activated carbon is your true friend, helper and savior, writes Clever.

Many people try to remove plaque from tablets of crushed activated carbon and to achieve a dazzling white smile, to treat diarrhea or constipation, they even take it to reduce their appetite. There is only one argument: if it does not help, then it certainly will not be worse. Studies have proven: there will be, and how!

Coal diarrhea causes constipation

The biggest problem caused by the uncontrolled intake of activated carbon at home is its overdose, for example, in case of diarrhea. It seems that one tablet will not be able to help, so we drink at least a few pieces, after a couple of hours, drinking another handful to fix the result. Meanwhile, gastroenterologist, candidate of medical sciences Alexey Paramonov warns: coal can cause serious constipation and disrupt the absorption of necessary substances. And this entails a failure of metabolic processes, reduced immunity, a sharp loss of vitamins and minerals. And hello, vitamin deficiencies!

We struggle with a meteorism - we receive a dysbacteriosis

Removing the necessary enzymes from the body, activated carbon suppresses the beneficial microflora, then an inflammatory process develops in the intestine - and we get dysbacteriosis. It all began with attempts to get rid of flatulence. Many believe that coal as an absorbent can absorb gases without harming the microflora. As a result, flatulence on the background of dysbiosis is only aggravated, closing the circle and bringing us to despair and serious treatment.

Activated carbon threatens the heart

Uncontrolled reception of activated carbon is dangerous for the heart muscle - it removes from the body the potassium and magnesium necessary for its normal operation. And together with them we lose calcium, which is often in deficit and is filled with great difficulty. Without these substances, the work of the heart will no longer be normal.

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Coal Abuse - The Right Way to Early Age

Coal takes with it from the body of carbohydrates, proteins and fats, leaves and good cholesterol. As a result, the skin ages faster, hair falls out more, nails become brittle, hypoglycemia develops, manifested in bouts of weakness, tremor of the limbs and even loss of consciousness. This looks like a man emaciated and aged.

Thrombosis can be caused by coal intake.

Activated carbon intake can be fatally dangerous and in case of peptic ulcer and intestinal ulcers - getting into the blood through damaged blood vessels, it provokes blockage and threatens thrombosis. When ulcerative colitis threatens toxic dilatation of the colon, and this is the most dangerous complication of such a disease.

When coal is useless at best

  • Gastroenterologist Anna Karshieva believes that a popular method of reducing intoxication from alcohol abuse using activated carbon at best does not bring the desired result. To absorb toxins, you will have to drink not 5-6, and no less than 30 tablets of charcoal - it does not help to sober up, and the work of the intestine will be seriously disturbed.
  • And it’s absolutely categorically contraindicated independent reception of activated carbon at allergies of various kinds, skin diseases and oncology. The most dangerous consequence of home coal treatment is the risk of missing the symptoms of a serious illness, aggravating the problems that already exist. At a minimum, a remedy that we consider a panacea will be useless. And this does not improve the state of health or mood.

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