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Five favorite 'cockroaches' in the head of Russian women


A source: Lisa

There are certain features of thinking, or rather delusions, that are inherent only to Russian women. And these "national" stereotypes greatly spoil our image and cause bewilderment among foreigners. See if you have them. And if you find it, get rid of them as soon as possible!

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1. Every woman should have a fur coat

In the Russian climate, the desire to have a fur coat is absolutely normal. It is both warm and beautiful in it - not like in a sheepskin coat, writes Lisa. The only problem is that our women at all costs want to wrap themselves in furs - and not at all from the cold, but for the sake of an imaginary status. Moreover, the lack of money for a very expensive purchase does not stop them at all: they will save up for a coveted mink for years or saw their husband, forcing him to almost steal, but they will certainly achieve what they want. Let it be short, barely covering the fifth point and not warming anything - but a fur coat! And it is not so important from which animal, because - just a princess!

2. Let inferior, yes your

Nobody argues that a woman needs a man: without him she cannot live and breathe normally, she cannot fulfill her destiny, laid down in her by nature, and simply be happy. But only our ladies are ready to marry “anyhow for whom”, then they suffer all their lives complaining about fate and at the same time justifying the shortcomings of their spouse (and their own choice of the betrothed at the same time): “Drinking? Oh, show me non-drinkers! Beats? It means he loves it!" The main thing for her is to be with her husband, with a stamp in her passport, so that everything is like with people. And the fact that she is single in marriage is all a heavy female lot.

3. Always be on parade

Our women without make-up cannot even go to the store for bread. But how could it be otherwise: suddenly, somewhere around the corner, He is waiting for them? Of course, it’s better to be ready for fateful meetings and not to walk around like a disheveled lakhudra with an unwashed head. But being well-groomed is one thing, but putting on makeup for three hours just to get out of the house is another. Men, too, were not born yesterday and understand when and what is appropriate. For example, your war paint on the beach will not captivate them at all - rather, it will scare them away. This looks extremely ridiculous! Just like the stilettos worn on an excursion along mountain trails or on a hike to buy new clothes in the shopping center. Don't be ridiculous and take care of your feet!

4. Bring beauty to the holiday

Every self-respecting woman before the holiday should certainly go to a beauty salon to put herself in order - do her hair, color, manicure and pedicure. Prettier for the New Year - great! Then you can relax and live in peace, without bothering until March 8 or the next big holiday. And the fact that against the background of light curls dark roots of hair came out or gray hair appeared, it’s not scary: who cares about all these little things on weekdays. Let's make up for the anniversary!

5. On people being the perfect wife and mother

Good aspiration! But the trouble is that sometimes this is just throwing dust in the eyes. The main thing is to show to friends, acquaintances and neighbors what a wonderful, caring, understanding and forgiving wife and mother you are, a wonderful hostess who has everything on the shelves, not a speck of dust anywhere and always smells like pies. And without an audience, you can at least throw plates at your spouse, bark at children, cook on great holidays and clean the apartment only for the arrival of guests. But as soon as someone outsider crosses the threshold of the house, and our lady is again an embodied ideal.

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