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5 sources of danger in the house, which should be hidden from children


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Typically, when it comes to dangers in the home, parents immediately think of sockets, open windows, scarves and medications. This is certainly not a mistake. But we often do not realize how many non-obvious "enemies" lie in wait for the baby every day in his own room or house. Let's find them and secure them.

1. Plastic bags and curtains

Danger: choking, trap.
What to do: hide, curtain wrap up and secure.
Few parents think of a curtain or bag as the source of the problems. Moms and dads play hide-and-seek with children using big bags, or hide behind curtains in the bathroom. The child remembers that it is fun, and repeats the game without supervision.


2. Batteries-pills

Danger: swallowing, choking.
What to do: to hide.
It’s not difficult to remove a nice round battery from a watch or other small electrical appliance - and, of course, taste it or stick it in your nose. And if the “pill” is left in a conspicuous place, it glistens very temptingly and attracts attention.



3.Capsules for washing and washing dishes

Danger: poisoning, choking.
What to do: hide, not buy.
A couple of years ago, after a series of scandals of manufacturers of capsules for washing, they even ordered to change the packaging of products. Bright pictures and a streamlined shape resemble candy - and children try them with interest. Ordinary powders and gels are also dangerous, but they cause a little less curiosity in children (and they should also be hidden!).


4.Alcoholic drinks and additives

Danger: poisoning.
What to do: hide, do not drink alcohol and medicines for a child.
Parents already know about open storage of alcohol. But children manage to sip alcohol while parents communicate at a party or meeting guests. In addition, alcohol is found in mouth rinses, liquid medicines and sprays, before and after shaving, deodorants and other common “inhabitants” of the medicine cabinet or bathroom shelf.


5. Ornaments and cosmetics

Danger: choking, poisoning.
What to do: hide, do not use in games.
Children who dress up in her mother's clothes, hang out with beads and earrings, splash perfume, paint eyes and lips - not uncommon in the photo on the Internet. Mothers are touched, but they don’t always think that a child may be interested in accessories and cosmetics when adults are not around: to wrap tightly around a neck a necklace or scarf, drink perfume, swallow an earring.


Parents should always remain vigilant and “scan” the area for anything that the child may swallow, inhale, eat or drink. Fortunately, children grow up quickly, so over time the control can be reduced.

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