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Five heroes of Soviet films, whose fate on the screen is radically different from that of a book


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Screen adaptations of books are usually close enough to the original works. But sometimes the director, for one reason or another, changes the fate of the hero: sometimes insignificantly, and in some cases radically. we were surprised to find that some of the characters on the screen, as conceived by the authors of the original texts, had to live quite differently.

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Lyudmila, "Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears"

In the film, Lyudmila appears before the audience as a kind of conqueror of the capital, who does not shine with either intelligence or talent. She relies on her beauty and assertiveness, since she has no other merits, but in the end she cannot fulfill her only dream - to get married successfully.

Director Vladimir Menshov does not give the heroine Irina Muravyova a chance for happiness, as if hinting that an attempt to arrange fate according to calculation and get some kind of capital goods for free is doomed to failure.

At the same time, the simpleton Tosya easily becomes the wife of the native Muscovite Nikolai, the purposeful Katerina builds a career and meets the charismatic Gosha, and Lyudmila finds herself at a broken trough: she works in a dry cleaner and is seriously considering the prospect of successful acquaintances with widowers in the cemetery.

But initially in the script by Valentin Chernykh “She Lied Twice”, according to which the Oscar-winning film was filmed, everything was completely different. It was Lyudmila - not only beautiful, but also tenacious, purposeful, attentive to details - who found herself in the most advantageous position. The heroine still married the general! Moreover: she did it for love.

Lyudmila met her fate - a KGB officer Erovshin - at the age of 20 in the pool. It was thanks to his gifts that the fashionista had the best outfits, which the patron brought from foreign business trips or bought in "Berezka". And even the money for the contribution for the cooperative apartment, which the heroine built in marriage with Gurin, was given by him.

This relationship of Lyudmila with a married man much older than her was not just a calculation: she was fine with Erovshin. And, unlike the film, where the thought “to become a general, you have to marry a lieutenant and wander around the garrisons for 20 years”, in the book Lyudmila nevertheless became the wife of General Erovshin after the death of his wife.

Anfisa, "Girls"

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In the movie, Anfisa is a kind of heartless beauty who does not believe in love. In general, she doesn't care who makes her eyes: the best lumberjack Ilya or the visiting boss Vadim Petrovich. And only at the end of the film does she change her model of behavior, showing with all her appearance that she wants a serious relationship.

The story of Boris Poor, on which the film was filmed, reveals the fate and character of the heroine in a completely different way. In the book, Anfisa sincerely fell in love with the young boss Vadim Dementyev, and he reciprocated her and even forgave the girl for the turbulent past. He invited her to get married and go to the Urals, where no one knows them, and start a new life.

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But the heroine nevertheless left her lover, because Dementyev dreamed of descendants, and Anfisa, after meeting Ilya on the switchboard, could not have children. The beauty did not want to break the man's life: she lied to him that she did not feel reciprocal feelings, and got on the train.

Roma, "You never dreamed of ..."

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The on-screen love story of high school students gives hope for a happy ending: Romka, who accidentally fell out of the window, lands on a mountain of snow and remains conscious. He does not have any special injuries - nothing threatens the guy's health. It seems that after this, his parents will believe in the strength of the feelings of adolescents and will no longer hinder them. Happy end.

The story of Galina Shcherbakova "Roman and Yulka", based on which the film was filmed, initially ended with the death of the protagonist. However, in this version, they did not want to publish it in the Yunost magazine, which means that readers might never see this work.

Upon learning of the problem, Shcherbakova rewrote the last few sentences and made the ending of the story open. Roma jumps out of the window to escape to Yulia in Moscow, but when he falls, his chest hits the drainpipe. In the end, he either loses consciousness, or dies in the arms of his beloved. Readers, of course, want to believe in the former more.

Seryozha, "I ask you to blame Klava K. for my death."

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The film ends with the main character confessing his love to Tanya, but both she and all viewers understand: Seryozha will adore Klava all his life.

However, the story of the same name by Konstantin Lvovsky has a sequel - "Sister of Mercy". In this book, we meet the heroes 5 years after the events shown in the film. Sergei's sick love for the beautiful Klava is in the past, and a real feeling for Tanya arises in his heart.

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The open ending of the second story gives hope that everything will work out for this couple, because the girl is not indifferent to the hero since childhood, and over the years he really realizes that he cannot live without Tanya.

Nadia Erokhina, "Girls"

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In the film, Nadya did not marry Ksan Ksanych, although everything went to this: they were given a room in a new house, and the future newlyweds were already choosing where it would be better to put the table. It is clear that the wedding is not far off.

The story of Boris Bedny assumed a different ending for the development of the relationship of this couple. After receiving the room, Nadya suddenly felt that she did not want to start a family with the kind, but unloved Ksan Ksanych. She saw how Ilya was merciful with Tosya, how she begged for the first kiss from her, and realized that this had not happened in her life, and after this wedding it would not be.

Nadia decided to talk to the groom about love and realized that none of them felt this feeling for the other. She did not want to move things to the given room. It turned out that at the age of 28 it is not so scary to be left alone - much more frightening for the heroine is that she may never know real female happiness.

Which version of the development of events in the lives of the characters - book or cinematic - seems more exciting to you, and why?

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