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45-year-old mother of two dies after liposuction in a Moscow clinic


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A resident of Egoryevsk near Moscow underwent plastic surgery in a private clinic in the center of Moscow and died the next day. Details of what happened "".

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According to the newspaper, 45-year-old Yulia was on maternity leave in connection with the birth of her second child. The woman could not achieve the desired figure after childbirth and wanted to remove the fat folds on the abdomen using liposuction.

It is noted that on Tuesday, October 6, a Russian woman went to a Moscow clinic on Bolshaya Molchankovka Street. After surgery, the patient was left in the ward overnight under observation. The next day, her condition deteriorated sharply: the devices showed a violation of the heart rhythm.

According to the material, doctors began to carry out resuscitation measures, trying to start the patient's heart using a defibrillator. Despite their efforts, the woman's blood clot came off. The ambulance crew that arrived at the scene declared death.

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Law enforcement agencies are investigating the circumstances of the death of a Muscovite. They conduct a check on the fact of the provision of medical services that do not meet safety requirements (under Article 238 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation).

The death of a resident of the Moscow region became known on Wednesday, October 7. Then it was reported that the woman had successfully undergone liposuction, but the next day she was found dead in the ward.

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