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4 outdated trend in facial care, and how to replace them



Fashion trends are not only in makeup or styling, but also in beauty rituals for the face.

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Proper skin care - one of the natural ways that will help keep youth. That is why cosmetologists and experts from around the world are constantly inventing new techniques for care, writes But are all of them effective? We understand the experts of the Korean brand AHC, which beauty rituals are already outdated and what they can be replaced with.

What to refuse: excessive peeling

Many of us truly believe that beauty comes through suffering. Therefore, sometimes it seems that burning, redness and irritation of the skin after or during the treatment is a good sign. And here we are beginning to increasingly turn to scrubs and other exfoliants, thus making only worse. Of course, exfoliation is an important step in the process of care, but if you get too carried away, you can seriously damage the skin and break the natural lipid barrier.

  • What to replace: double cleansing

The ultimate goal of peeling is to prevent clogging of pores, and a thorough cleansing of the skin will help to cope with this task. Try starting with a hydrophilic oil to remove makeup and remove impurities, and then further cleanse the skin using foam or washing gel with water. As for the exfoliating agents, they should be used no more than twice a week.

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What to refuse: aggressive care

Recently, we used to think that more means better. We are emptying the store shelves and so diligently “curling” the skin with various means that it simply does not have time to feel the effect of all the active ingredients. When this is not enough, salon procedures are added to home procedures - sometimes several per day. And the skin is tired and needs rest.

  • What to replace: a conscious approach

Instead of layering numerous products on the skin, pick up a few products that will form the basis of your care ritual. It is best to consult with your beautician and choose a pair of effective creams.

What to refuse: extreme temperatures

It is believed that ice baths for the face contribute to rejuvenation. In fact, they lead to a narrowing of blood vessels, as a result of dehydrating the skin and making it less elastic. In a word, their effect is exactly the opposite of what was promised. Hot water is also more likely to cause trouble than benefits: it causes redness, dryness and irritation of the skin.

  • What to replace: comfortable procedures

Always give preference to room temperature water, whether it is a morning wash or an evening shower. If you want to cool the skin, it is better to use toning and refreshing agents. In addition, unlike fairly hard water, they do not dry the skin once again.

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What should be discarded: facial cleansing wipes

Yes, it is very convenient to use cleaning wipes, but it is regularly undesirable to do this. The fact is that the active substances in their composition are capable of destroying lipids and, lingering on the skin, can cause dryness. Therefore, the use of napkins is better only in case of emergency, for example on the road. In the end, it is better to remove makeup with a napkin, than not to remove it at all.

  • What to replace: washing with a warm towel

This method is not suitable for removing makeup, but more than for further cleansing of the skin. A regular towel, moistened with warm water, not only removes the remnants of other products, such as balms and oils, but also has a slight exfoliating effect (this will not harm your skin). In addition, a light rubbing of the face with a towel resembles a massage that improves blood circulation. The main thing - to choose a material that does not cause irritation, and do not forget about the temperature.

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