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4 most effective habits for every day, helping to prolong youth


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Mini-list of useful beauty habits from the author of the blog "Beauty viewer" on Yandex Zen, which are worth buying for yourself, health and beauty. Further - from the first person.

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Youth is determined not only by a person with a minimal set of wrinkles or hair without gray hair. For me, this is primarily health, pep and constant interest in something new, fashionable or incomprehensible to me.

In my life regarding premature aging, I follow only five rules. They seem elementary and eerily obvious, but many forget about them. If it seems to you that it is unrealistic to follow these rules with your rhythm of life, then I want to say, my dears, that you simply do not want to even try.

Go to bed no later than 23:00

Only the lazy did not write about the benefits of healthy sleep, and it seems that these are all simple truths. Establishing circadian rhythms is almost 99% of longevity and 100% solution to problems with apathy and depression.

It used to be “fashionable” to believe that sleep disturbance (and, accordingly, circard rhythms) is associated with a frantic pace of life at work: a lot of things to do, we don't have time to go anywhere, stress, etc. Now, as it turned out, in conditions of self-isolation, people also lack sleep or cannot go to bed on time. A sedentary lifestyle, watching TV series, attempts to "educate oneself" result, if not in insomnia, then in sleep disturbance at least.

A healthy 8-hour sleep is the key to health and youth. With a lack of sleep, your body does not rest and produces poorly melatonin, and this hormone plays an important role in slowing down the aging process.

Lack of sleep is reflected on the face, circles and bags appear under the eyes, the complexion becomes dull.

It is a crime to apply cream on the face without self-massage!

Self-massage is a terribly useful procedure, and most importantly, it is free. Not everyone can afford a massage course of 10-15 sessions, but doing massage is the most profitable and very useful.

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Self-massage of the face improves blood circulation, which improves skin tone, relieves swelling, improves firmness, smoothes fine wrinkles and slows down skin aging. Self-massage of the face suggests regularity, only then you will see a positive result.

Earlier, I spoke unflatteringly about the "guru" of Facebook. I don’t refuse my words: neither massage nor face-building exercises will help you to flee and float the oval of the face. But they are good for preventing early formation of ptosis. I hope you understand this point.

Woke up - to charge!

Even 15-20 minutes of charge per day positively affect the entire body. No matter how strange it sounds, charging in the morning improves the quality of your sleep, reduces your appetite, increases your working capacity, and helps you lose weight.

There are several nuances: you should not do strength exercises in the morning, let the body recover a little and wake up. Perform light exercises, after which you will not be tired.

Back in school, in physical education lessons, we were told that the warm-up should start with the neck and gradually move on to the legs. So in exercise: tilts and rotations of the head, rotations of the arms, tilts of the body, squats, kicks, and in conclusion - a plank for a while. Be sure to keep in mind that the exercises should run smoothly, without sudden movements.

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I understand those who will now think: “Oh, it starts. Exercising every morning is trivial, everyone is talking about it“. To add some motivation to exercise in the morning, think about this: After exercising, you won't be a toxic person to your family, friends, and acquaintances. Even after yesterday's disgusting evening, when you could not sleep for a long time, chased something in your head or were rude to people who are not to blame for anything, morning exercises will help you reboot, you will become pleasant in communication for your loved ones.

Charging in this case (even a 10-minute lesson on an exercise bike) will save you from the aforementioned ailment, which can be worse than alcoholism. Because not every psychologist will be able to get rid of toxicity, universal hatred of everything and the long-term projection of negative news on himself (recently their number has gone off scale). And in connection with quarantine, no one even knows how soon it will be possible to sign up to them.

The rays of the sun and ultraviolet should not kiss the skin of the face, but a layer of sunscreen!

SPF filters should not be forgotten at any age. The sooner you think about sunscreen, the less your skin will age due to free radicals, which, like a hurricane, pass through all our cells and spoil them.

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The sun's rays adversely affect the skin, but without the sun you can forget about the development of your vitamin D. And, by the way, it is necessary for the formation of the hormonal cascade. Without it, normal health (and youth support in particular) can be forgotten.

You see how complicated everything is in this world. You need to look for a middle ground in everything. And in this case, so as not to rack your brains, you just need to get sunscreen and remember to use it before going out in sunny weather.

  • To protect the skin, SPF should be at least 30, anything below is useless.
  • If your workplace near the window or most of the time you spend in the car, this is no reason not to use creams with SPF protection. UV rays will reach you everywhere and even through glass.
  • Foundation and BB creams with SPF are useless, just because you do not apply the right amount of foundation to protect the skin.
  • For complete protection against UV rays, you need to apply 2 mg of the drug per 1 square centimeter of the face.
  • Sanskrin needs to be updated every 2-3 hours if you are on the street.

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