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33-year-old woman took pregnancy for allergies


Source: Rambler

The woman, who thought she was getting fat because of her allergy to gluten, found out that she was in the 33 week of pregnancy.

Sita Mina, who works as a cook, admitted that she had been taking birth control pills for ten years, and therefore she didn’t expect to be pregnant, says Rambler.

Mina 33-year-old blamed bloating on an allergic reaction, the doctor told her the same thing. Nevertheless, she nevertheless decided to do a pregnancy test, and he was positive. Since this happened on the birthday of her partner, Tony, she packed the test into gift paper and handed it to him. He first took it for a rally, and then was delighted.

“I could not believe it: I didn’t feel pain or nausea in the morning, no other symptoms,” the woman added.

According to her, she regularly had implant bleeding, which she took for menstruation. Mina noted that she was very worried that she was not leading the healthiest lifestyle during pregnancy: “We often walked until three in the morning and drank. Sometimes I drank with colleagues after a hard shift. If I knew about pregnancy, I would not do that. ”

As a result, the woman gave birth a month after she found out about her situation. She gave birth to a healthy boy weighing a kilogram 3,2, whom she called Bobby:

“Tony and I cried. Four weeks ago, we didn’t know about its existence, but now it’s in my hands. ”

Mina decided to share her story to warn other women that the symptoms of pregnancy are not always obvious.

“So many people told me that I had to understand that I was expecting a child earlier. But how? I felt nothing, outwardly it was not noticeable. So far, all this seems to me beautiful, but surreal, ”she said.

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