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$ 27,4 РјР »СЂРґ РІ 2020 РіРѕРґСѓ: РєР ° Рє РјР ° РіР ° Р · РёРЅС‹ РЎРЁРђ Р · Р ° СЂР ° Р ± Р ° С‚С ‹РИР ° СЋС‚ РЅР ° Р ° жиотР° же РІРѕРєСЂСѓРі Р ”РЅСЏ Р'Р ° Р» ентинР°


Source: Fox News

Every year on Valentine's Day, lovers around the world do their best for their “halves”. From traditional flowers and chocolates to more expensive gifts like diamonds. This holiday is a time to spend your hard-earned money to show your love, writes Fox News.

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ОжидР° ется, С З С‚Рѕ РИ 2020 РіРѕРґСѓ Р ° мерикР° РЅС † С ‹РїРѕС‚СЂР ° тят РІ средннем 196,31 Р ° РґРєРґРґРґРґРґРґРґРґР ‹Р№ Рё рекордны Рµ 27,4 РјРёР »Р» РёР ° СЂРґР ° РґРѕР »Р» Р ° СЂРѕРІ СЃСѓРјРјР ° СЂРЅРѕ РЅР ° СЃРЅРѕ РґР ° РЅРЅС ‹Рј, РѕРїСѓР ± Р» РёРєРѕРІР ° РЅРЅС ‹Рј РќР ° С † РёРѕРЅР ° Р» СЊРЅРѕР№ С „едерР° СРРРСРСРѕРѕРѕРѕРѕРСРѕРѕРСРѕРѕРСРѕРСРѕРѕРѕРѕРѕРѕРѕРѕРѕРѕРѕРѕРѕРѕРѕРѕРѕРѕРѕРѕРѕРѕРѕРѕРѕРѕРѕРСРѕРСРѕРСРѕРСРѕРСРѕРѕРСРѕРѕРСРѕРѕРСРѕРѕРѕРСРѕР

So, if you feel psychological pressure, trying to find the perfect gift for a significant person, most likely this is because the commercialization of this holiday is accepted in society.

P SЃS,RѕRєRo S,RѕRіRѕ, RєR ° F Rє "RμRЅSЊ SЃRІSЏS,RѕRіRѕ P'P P °" ° RμRЅS,RoRЅR SЃS,R ° F "RєSЂSѓRїRЅS <Rј RєRѕRјRјRμSЂS ‡ RμSЃRєRoRј RїSЂR ° F · RґRЅRoRєRѕRј, RјRѕR¶RЅRѕ RїSЂRѕSЃR" едить РІ РЎРѕРµРґРёРЅРµРЅРЅС ‹С ... итР° тР° С ....

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The practice of Valentine's Day gifts and greeting cards has been a centuries-old tradition in England, where the holidays were born. And only in the middle of the XNUMXth century, according to the Library of Congress, Valentine's Day began to gain popularity in America - along with a commercial boom in this regard.

Celebrating the Old World was “forgotten” and “easily ignored” by those in the United States. The 1840s saw a turning point - the holiday became something "not to be missed," wrote author Lee Eric Schmidt in his 1995 book Consumer Rites: Buying and Selling American Holidays.

In the end, jewelers, florists and confectioners celebrated their victory over sellers of postcards.

“Trade, not ethnicity, has been the driving force behind the American holiday revival,” Schmidt wrote. “When merchants rediscovered this day, commerce transformed the celebration, not the other way around, as merchants systematically introduced market mechanisms into the celebration.”

While the companies did not create this holiday, as did some of its traditions, they certainly benefited from it. Fast-forward to the present, where commercial organizations are just as eagerly awaiting Valentine's Day as many Americans are - this year the number of those anxiously waiting for February 14 in the United States has increased to 55% from 51% last year.

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The most popular places to shop on Valentine's Day are department stores. They are visited by 36% of buyers. It is expected that 32% of them will come to buy gifts in discount and online stores, while 19% will shop in specialty stores, 17% in flower shops, 15% in local small businesses, and in clothing and jewelry stores. 11% of buyers.

RџRѕSЌS,RѕRјSѓ, C ... RѕS,SЏ P "RμRЅSЊ SЃRІSЏS,RѕRіRѕ ° F P'P" RμRЅS,RoRЅR RјRѕR¶RμS ° P ± C <S,SЊ S,SЂR ° RґRoS † RoRѕRЅRЅS <Rј RїSЂR ° F · RґRЅRoRєRѕRј SЂRѕRјR ° RЅS,RoRєRo, RЅRμS, RЅRoS RμRіRѕ SЃR ‡ "‡ P SѓS R№RЅRѕRіRѕ PI S,RѕRј ° C ‡ S,Rѕ RѕRЅ RѕS SѓS,RoRјRѕ P ‰ ± SЊRμS, RїRѕ RєRѕS € RμR" SЊRєSѓ.

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