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Twenty-five incredibly dirty things you touch every day



Microbes are everywhere, and this is normal. But in some places there are a lot of them.

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Door handles, a pistol pump at a gas station, valves of public latrines - we won't even start talking about this. And so it is clear that they will never be crystal clear, and there is nothing we can do about it. Unlike the things that we have at home and which we can quite cope with. made a selection of 25 things that ideally need to be cleaned every day. Well, or at least a little more often than usual.

1. Keyboard

Only those who have never sat at a computer or laptop in their life, do not know how dirty the keyboard is. Last year, the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health published an analytical article that said that the keyboard can be infected even with staphylococcus, and this is a very dangerous infection. Therefore, it is desirable to wipe the keyboard with a special antibacterial agent every day.

2. Pillowcases

Of course, every day hardly anyone will wash the pillow cases. But health would definitely benefit: by the end of the week, about 3 of millions of bacteria per 5 square centimeters accumulate on a pillowcase. They feed mainly on our skin scales, hair, crumbs (if you eat in bed). If you change the bed once a week, these microorganisms do not deliver trouble. And if less often, the bacteria can provoke inflammation on the skin, the growth of acne and blackheads.

3. Sports water bottle

Conscious citizens try to take care of nature as much as they can and buy reusable sports bottles. This is wonderful if you remember to wash the bottle itself, the valve and the straw. Studies have shown that the number of bacteria in a bottle can reach 75 thousands per milliliter. And if you do not wash the bottle, by the end of the day their number rises to 2 million per milliliter.

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4. Rings

In 2009, Norwegian scientists found that the number of bacteria in the hands of those who wore rings was twice as large as those who did without ornaments on their fingers. Just washing your hands without removing the ring is not enough - you need to clean it separately. Especially when it comes to engagement ring that you wear all the time.

5. Phone

Scientists have found that using the phone can even provoke acne in the cheeks, closer to the corner of the mouth. Indeed, we take the phone with us everywhere, even to the toilet. And, unlike hands, we don’t wash the gadget after visiting the restroom. Once a day, or better more often, you need to wipe it with an alcohol solution.

6. Steering wheel

According to a study of the portal, on average, 629 bacteria colonies per centimeter live on the steering wheel. This is four times more than the number of bacteria on the rim of the toilet bowl. Therefore, you need to wipe the steering wheel every time before you go.

7. Coffee cup

Or tea if you prefer this drink. Admit it, you don’t wash your mug every time after drinking a tea at work? According to the microbiologist Charles Gerba, every fifth circle is a refuge of fecal bacteria. If after using the cup only to rinse, and not to wash with hot water and soap, their number grows exponentially.

8. Dishwashing sponges

They need to be changed weekly. And after each use, rinse and squeeze out thoroughly. You can also disinfect by warming up in the microwave, but this does not mean that after such a procedure, it will be possible to change the sponges less often. The sponge is the dirtiest thing in the house, number 1 in all ratings of microbiologists, a real oasis of pathogenic bacteria.

9. TV remote

Or from the air conditioner. This is a subject on which fecal bacteria appear more often than others. For example, in hotels 80 percent of all consoles are infected with this dirty trick - these are the data of the American Society of Microbiologists.

10. Bath toys

If you cut open your little one's favorite yellow duckling, you will find a disgusting picture there. For example, mold. In 2018, a study was conducted, the results of which were disappointing: two-thirds of bathroom toys are affected by mold, a third by listeria and bacteria (pathogens of pneumonia).

11. Door handles

Not even discussed. Like the switch: coming from the street, we turn on the light with the same hands that we used to hold onto the handrails in public transport and went through the grocery packages in the store. And these packages and handrails were touched before us.

12. Shower

Yes, water is constantly flowing from it. But that doesn't mean the spray bottle will clean itself. All the same American microbiologists say that there are so many bacteria on the shower head that people often catch respiratory diseases in their own bathroom.

13. Bath towels

We have already written that towels should not be stored in the bathroom, although this is quite logical. Bacteria on the towels are full of bacteria, and in the humid warm environment of the bathroom, they multiply at an unprecedented rate. Therefore, you need to change towels more often and wash them at a high temperature. It is advisable to iron them later.

14. Washcloths

They exfoliate keratinized skin, for which we love them. But this skin, unfortunately, is not completely washed off the washcloths. If the washcloth is made of natural materials, the bacteria breed in it with undisguised pleasure. And the next time you wash, you do not get rid of the bacteria, but, on the contrary, acquire new ones.

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15. Sink in the bathroom

The sink itself and the table on which it is installed should be cleaned daily. Even in hotels, where after every guest there is a general cleaning, millions of bacteria nest in the sinks. And at home they may be even more, because we do not use professional means for cleaning.

16. Sink drain

If the dirt on the bowl itself is visible, then we usually do not climb inside the drain hole. But in vain. Experts say they need to be poured with disinfectant every day. Otherwise, the bacteria that live there are spread throughout the room - all due to the flowing and splashing water.

17. Razor

A close shave may not be all that clean. Even Staphylococcus aureus, a deadly bacterium, has been found on razors. The wet environment of the bathroom is ideal for breeding. Therefore, it is a good idea to spray the razor with disinfectant.

18. Toothbrush

It is not surprising, because both staphylococci and Escherichia coli can nest on it. If the brush is also stored in a special case, or closed with a lid, then bacteria reproduce much faster than in air. The solution is to spray the brush with an antibacterial mouthwash. And change it often.

19. Kitchen Countertops

Put unwashed bananas on the table, put a bag of groceries, wash the meat (which is absolutely impossible to do) and splash water on the table - it's ready, the kitchen is now in our incredibly dirty place in the house. Countertops should be regularly cleaned with soapy water, and potentially dirty objects should not be placed on them.

20. Plates

After the sponge for washing dishes, the kitchen sink is the second most dirty thing in the house. Leftover food plus moisture - and here it is, the ideal environment for a wide variety of bacteria. To avoid their spreading, you need to wash the dishes immediately. And in any case, do not leave her at night. This, by the way, and the house does not like.

21. Cutting boards

They don't have to be wooden. Some types of wood themselves have an antibacterial effect, unlike soulless plastic. But this does not mean that they do not need to be washed. Need to! Thoroughly and immediately after use.

22. Kitchen towels

They need to be changed every day. Exception - if you do not cook and do not go into the kitchen at all. Towels and rags for tabletops share first place on the degree of contamination with sponges for washing dishes.

23. Window sill

Street dust is incredibly toxic. And in the spring and summer, pollen is also added to it. As a result, we get an explosive mixture of the two most powerful allergens, which accumulates on the windowsill even if the windows are closed.

24. Cat tray

We clean the human toilet every day, the same should be done with the cat tray. Otherwise, everything that appeared there, the cat will quickly spread throughout the house. And on the pillow will bring to you.

25. Coffee maker

We wash the bowl where the finished coffee is poured, change the filters, wipe the outside. And, perhaps, that's all. And it is also necessary to clean this miracle of technology from the inside. How to do this is in the instructions. Otherwise, germs begin to multiply in the tank of the coffee maker - a complete set, including E. coli.

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